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Folder: 2012-00221

Last Changed Name
Public Comments
2013-09-18 20130918_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-09-16 20130916_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-09-11 20130911_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-09-09 20130909_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-07-30 20130730_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-07-25 20130725_PSC_ORDER01.pdf
2013-07-25 20130725_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-07-16 20130716_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-06-14 20130614_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-12-20 20121220_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-12-18 20121218_Public Comments_John Scott.pdf
2012-12-11 20121211_Public Comments_Various Individuals.pdf
2012-12-04 20121204_PSC_Notice of Filing Hearing Documents.pdf
2012-12-03 20121203_Public Comments_Various Individuals.pdf
2012-12-03 20121129_Public Comments_Various Individuals.pdf
2012-11-28 20121127_Public Comments_Gortman and Newman.pdf
2012-11-26 20121126_Public Comments_Various Individuals.pdf
2012-11-16 20121116_PSC_Memo.pdf
2012-11-01 20121101_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-10-29 20121029_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-10-19 20121019_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-10-15 20121015_DATA_REQUEST02.pdf
2012-10-15 20121015_DATA_REQUEST01.pdf
2012-10-15 20121015_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-09-25 20120925_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-09-20 20120920_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-08-28 20120828_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-08-22 20120822_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-08-15 20120814_KU Petition for Confidential Protection for KIUC Initial Requests for Information.pdf
2012-08-15 20120814_KU Petition for Confidential Protection for Commission Staffs 2nd Request for Info.pdf
2012-08-15 20120814_KU Petition for Confidential Protection for AGs Initial Requests for Information.pdf
2012-08-15 20120814_KU Petition for Confidential Protection and Motion to Deviate.pdf
2012-08-09 20120809_PSC_ORDER01.pdf
2012-08-09 20120809_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-08-02 20120802_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-08-01 20120801_Bruce Nunn Request to Intervene.pdf
2012-07-31 20120731_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-07-30 20120730_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-07-27 20120727_Edward Kelsch Response to 071512 PSC Letter.pdf
2012-07-23 20120723_Michael Whipple Request to Intervene.pdf
2012-07-18 20120718_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-07-19 20120718_KY School Board Assn Motion to Intervene.pdf
2012-07-17 20120717_PSC_ORDER01.pdf
2012-07-17 20120717_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-07-12 20120712_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-07-12 20120712_PSC_Deficiency Cured Letter.pdf
2012-07-12 20120712_Motion to Withdraw of IBEW Local 2100.pdf
2012-07-11 20120711_Edward Taylor Kelsch Comments.pdf
2012-07-10 20120710_Scott Co Schools Request for Intervention of KU Rate Increase.pdf
2012-07-09 20120709_The Kroger Company Petition for Full Intervention.pdf
2012-07-09 20120709_PSC_Deficiency Letter.pdf
2012-07-03 20120703_Motion to Intervene from IBEW Local 2100.pdf
2012-06-27 20120627_PSC_ORDER02.pdf
2012-06-27 20120627_PSC_ORDER01.pdf
2012-06-27 20120627_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-06-27 20120627_KIUC Petition to Intervene.pdf
2012-06-22 20120622_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-06-21 20120621_AGs Motion to Intervene.pdf
2012-06-18 20120618_John Thompson Request for Intervention of KU Rate Increase.pdf
2012-06-18 20120618_CAC_Motion for Intervention.pdf
2012-06-15 20120615_LFUCG Motion to Intervene.pdf
2012-06-15 20120615_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-06-01 20120601_PSC_Acknowledge Notice of Intent.pdf
2012-06-01 20120601_KU_Request to Use Electronic Filing Procedures.pdf
2012-06-01 20120601_KU_Notice of Intent.pdf