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Kentucky Public Service Commission

List of Annual Reports

Available Report Periods

General Utility Types
General Type Report Year Annual Report File
Blue Grass Energy Cooperative Corp. Electric 2023 2000200_Blue_Grass_Energy_Cooperative_Corp.pdf 3/18/2024
Clark Energy Cooperative, Inc. Electric 2023 1200_Clark_Energy_Cooperative _Inc.pdf 3/27/2024
Fleming-Mason Energy Cooperative, Inc. Electric 2023 1600_Fleming-Mason_Energy_Cooperative _Inc.pdf 5/14/2024
Inter-County Energy Cooperative Corporation Electric 2023 2200_Inter-County_Energy_Cooperative_Corporation.pdf 3/27/2024
Salt River Electric Cooperative Corp. Electric 2023 2900_Salt_River_Electric_Cooperative_Corp.pdf 3/27/2024
Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. Gas 2023 4100_Delta_Natural_Gas_Company _Inc.pdf 3/28/2024
Irvington Gas Company, Inc. Gas 2023 3201700_Irvington_Gas_Company _Inc.pdf 3/4/2024
Sentra Corporation c/o Sentra Resources LLC Gas 2023 3000500_Sentra_Corporation_co_Sentra_Resources_LLC.pdf 3/29/2024
Big Bear Wastewater, Inc. Sewer 2023 9000100_Big_Bear_Wastewater _Inc.pdf 2/19/2024
Black Mountain Utility District Sewer 2023 22220000_Black_Mountain_Utility_District.pdf 3/28/2024
Bluegrass Water Utility Operating Company, LLC Sewer 2023 9004000_Bluegrass_Water_Utility_Operating_Company _LLC.pdf 3/29/2024
Commonwealth Wastewater Systems, LLC Sewer 2023 9002000_Commonwealth_Wastewater_Systems _LLC.pdf
Grant County Sanitary Sewer District Sewer 2023 9002500_Grant_County_Sanitary_Sewer_District.pdf 3/29/2024
Knox County Utility Commission Sewer 2023 22270010_Knox_County_Utility_Commission.pdf 3/28/2024
Letcher County Water and Sewer District Sewer 2023 22270003_Letcher_County_Water_and_Sewer_District.pdf 4/2/2024
Villas of Woodson Bend Sewer System c/o David Morris Sewer 2023 9003700_Villas_of_Woodson_Bend_Sewer_System_co_David_Morris.pdf 3/29/2024
Webster County Sanitation Sewer 2023 55850_Webster_County_Sanitation.pdf 2/5/2024
Foothills Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. Telecom 2023 11600_Foothills_Rural_Telephone_Cooperative_Corporation _Inc.pdf 4/26/2024
Gearheart Communications Company, Inc. dba Coalfields Telephone Company Telecom 2023 11800_Gearheart_Communications_Company _Inc_dba_Coalfields_Telephone_Company.pdf 3/29/2024
Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. Telecom 2023 12500_Peoples_Rural_Telephone_Cooperative_Corporation _Inc.pdf 3/28/2024
Buffalo Trail Water Association, Inc. Water 2023 33600_Buffalo_Trail_Water_Association _Inc.pdf 3/27/2024
Fern Lake Company Water 2023 15100_Fern_Lake_Company.pdf 3/20/2024
Harrison County Water Association, Inc. Water 2023 34200_Harrison_County_Water_Association _Inc.pdf 3/21/2024
Jackson County Water Association, Inc. Water 2023 34500_Jackson_County_Water_Association _Inc.pdf 3/27/2024