Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Electric Specific Forms

  • Annual Distribution Reliability Form
  • Merchant Power Plant Forms
  • Quarterly Electric Meter Testing Report New Please contact Division of Inspections about filing online.
  • Incident Reporting:
    For use by utilities notifying the PSC of specific incidents pursuant to regulatory requirements.
    Members of the Public reporting incidents or hazardous situations please call 911 or your local emergency responders

    807 KAR 5:006, Section 27 requires each utility, other than a natural gas utility, to notify the Commission, within two (2) hours of discovery by the utility, of any utility related accident which results in:

    • (a) Death; or shock or burn requiring medical treatment at a hospital or similar medical facility, or any accident requiring in-patient overnight hospitalization;
    • (b) Actual or potential property damage of $25,000 or more; or
    • (c) Loss of service for four (4) or more hours to ten (10) percent or five hundred (500) or more of the utility's customers, whichever is less.

    Notification pursuant to 807 KAR 5:006, Section 27 is to be provided:

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