Kentucky Public Service Commission

Utility Forms: Non-Payment Disconnection/Reconnection Report

Revised July 2019 - June 2020 Report Period

How to complete the Disconnect Report in 3 simple steps:

General Notes:

What is my PSC Utility ID?

You will be entering your Utility ID within this report. You may use the Master Utility Search to discover your PSC Utility ID.

Master Utility Search

On the Search screen enter a portion of your utility name and click "search"

General .csv notes:

Utilities that wish to auto-generate this report may submit a csv, comma delimmited file, instead; provided they follow the existing xlsx form as is.

The .csv and xslx files will be viewed by PSC Staff so they can verify the values imported correctly. There are some lines included that make it easier on any humans double checking the report. Although these lines will not be stored in data, continue to include them in your csv output.

For more information on the csv option see Help Disconnection Report csv option