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Alternative Rate Filings

  • An ARF is an abbreviated rate application allowing small utilities to file for a rate adjustment with fewer PSC requirements.
  • The intent was for utility staff to be able to prepare the application using forms available from the PSC.
  • The ARF process can be used if the utility:
    • Had gross annual revenue in the immediate past calendar year of $5,000,000 or less;
    • Maintained financial records fully separated from a commonly-owned enterprise; and
    • Filed with the PSC fully completed annual reports for the immediate past year and for the two prior years.
  • If a utility has questions while preparing an ARF it should contact Scott Lawless and/or Sam Reid at 502-564-3940.
  • Alternative Rate Filing Forms
  • 807 KAR 5:076 Alternative Rate Adjustment Procedure for Small Utilities

Annual Report Info

Utilities shall annually submit a financial and statistical report to the PSC in an electronic format.

The report shall be filed on or before March 31, each year, for the preceding calendar year.

For good cause shown, utilities may, upon written request, be allowed a reasonable extension of time for such filing.

Case Filing Checklists

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Electronic Filing Info

The KY PSC has implemented systems that allows utilities to electronically submit certain filings with the agency.

Both written instructions and videos are available to assist you with this process. (see below)

Any Questions regarding the filing systems should be directed to the IT Department

Gross Operating Reports

To ascertain the amount of the PSC annual assessment, each utility shall file a gross operating report.

The report covers the preceding calendar year and must be filed with the PSC on or before March 31.

Unlike Annual Reports, extensions are NOT allowed for filing Gross Operating Reports.

Forms may be obtained using the links below:
NOTE - The Kentucky Department of Revenue shall annually assess each utility for the purpose of funding PSC operations. The assessment shall be in proportion to the utility’s earnings or receipts derived from intrastate business in Kentucky for the preceding calendar year. The amount of the assessment is determined using information from the required gross operating reports. Each utility shall be notified of the amount of the assessment each year no later than July 1. There is a $50 minimum for a utility’s annual assessment.

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Customer Issues

Assistance with any customer issue should be directed to our Consumer Services Division at (800) 772-4636.

Disconnecting Service

For gas service - disconnection cannot occur sooner than 27 days after the original mailing date of the unpaid bill.

For water/sewer service - disconnection cannot occur sooner than 20 days after the original mailing date of the unpaid bill.

The disconnect notice must be sent 10 days prior to disconnection of gas service.

The disconnect notice must be sent 5 days prior to disconnection of water/sewer service.

Payment plans may be negotiated to keep service from being disconnected.

Disconnection is permitted only after written notice of the problem and after a grace period to correct the situation.

Immediate disconnection is permitted for dangerous situations with a follow up written explanation provided.

The customer is required to correct any dangerous situation before reconnection can occur.

Utility Obligations

Utility must offer service to customers within its service territory.

Utility must allow customers to review its rates and current approved tariff during normal office hours.

Utility must allow customers to be present when inspecting service conditions.

Utility must provide a separate and distinct notice prior to disconnection.

Utility must allow customers to dispute disconnection announcements.

Utility must negotiate partial payment plans when disconnection for nonpayment is threatened.

Customer Service Tips

Assistance with any customer issue should be directed to our Consumer Services Division at (800) 772-4636.

When handling difficult customers, the utility employee should always:
  • Listen attentively
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Speak clearly
  • Avoid technical terms or fancy words
  • Make every customer feel important

Utility employees should receive the complaint with care and courtesy.

Utility employees should research the complaint with diligence.

Utility employees should resolve the complaint with efficient customer service skills.

Benefits of a complaint to the utility are:
  • The opportunity to gain the customer's trust and loyalty.
  • The opportunity to turn an angry customer into a loyal customer.
Issues to address upon receipt of a customer's call:
  • Who is calling?
  • Why are they calling?
  • What do they expect the utility to do?
  • When will customer be contacted?

High bill complaints require more research, documentation and explanation to the customer and the PSC. The utility personnel should provide the necessary information to the customer so the customer (as well as the utility personnel) can understand and calculate the bill.

Customer should be provided with a billing and payment history that is very simple. If the customer is of the opinion the high bill is due to a meter change the customer should be provided with the meter history.

If the utility has provided the customer with all the appropriate information and the customer is still not satisfied, give them the PSC toll-free number, 1-800-772-4636. Call Consumer Services and give a "heads up" on the possible complaint. This provides all of our staff the opportunity to ask the correct questions.

If the customer does contact the PSC, the utility will already have all the necessary information available for the PSC staff on high bill complaints. Consumer Services will request the billing, payment and meter history along with the information about any premise visits that have been made to the customer's location.