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Folder: 2011-00036

Last Changed Name
2013-02-21 20130221_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-02-19 20130211_Big Rivers_Response to PSC Order dated January 29, 2013.pdf
2013-02-19 20130208_Big Rivers Response to Order dated January 29, 2013.pdf
2013-01-29 20130129_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-10-23 20121023_PSC_Memo.pdf
2012-10-23 20121019_KIUC_Response to Big Rivers Letter.pdf
2012-10-23 20121018_Big Rivers Letter.pdf
2012-10-02 20121002_Brief on Rehearing of KIUC.pdf
2012-10-01 20121001_Kenergy Brief on Hearing.pdf
2012-10-01 20121001_JPEC Notice of Election to Not File A Brief.pdf
2012-10-02 20121001_Big Rivers Rehearing Brief.pdf
2012-10-01 20121001_Attorney General Post Hearing Brief On Rehearing.pdf
2012-10-01 20120928_JPEC Notice of Election to Not File A Brief FAX.pdf
2012-09-27 20120927_PSC_Notice of Filing Hearing Documents.pdf
2012-09-21 20120921_PSC_IC_Memo.pdf
2012-09-19 20120919_Big Rivers Responses to AGs 091212 Hearing Request for Legal Invoices.pdf
2012-09-11 20120910_Big Rivers Affidavit of Publication.pdf
2012-09-04 20120904_Big Rivers Response to Calvert City Lake News 082212 Letter.pdf
2012-08-27 20120827_The Lake News Response to Big Rivers Publications.pdf
2012-08-23 20120823_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-08-21 20120821_KIUC motion to amend procedural schedule.pdf
2012-08-20 20120820_Big Rivers Professional Summary.pdf
2012-08-15 20120815_PSC_IC_NOTICE.pdf
2012-08-15 20120815_Big Rivers Request for Informal Conference.pdf
2012-08-14 20120814_Big Rivers Request for Telephonic Informal Conference.pdf
2012-08-10 20120810_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-07-31 20120730_Big Rivers DSM Report 073112.pdf
2012-07-11 20120711_JPEC Response to Big Rivers Motion to Revise Procedural Schedule.pdf
2012-07-05 20120705_Kenergy Response to Motion to Revise Procedural Schedule.pdf
2012-07-03 20120703_Big Rivers Motion to Amend Procedural Schedule.pdf
2012-06-18 20120615_Big Rivers Electric Rehearing Rebuttal Testimony.pdf
2012-05-30 20120530_KIUC Attachments to BREC First Request for Information No. 2.pdf
2012-05-14 20120514_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-05-15 20120514_Big Rivers Request for Information to KIUC.pdf
2012-04-27 20120427_KIUC Supplemental Rebuttal Testimony and Exhibits of Lane Kollen.pdf
2012-04-12 20120412_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-04-05 20120405_KIUC Direct Rehearing Testimony and Exhibits of Kollen and Baron.pdf
2012-03-22 20120322_Big Rivers Response to KIUCs Initial Rehearing Request for Info with CD.pdf
2012-03-22 20120322_Big Rivers Response to Commission Staffs 1st Request for Info.pdf
2012-03-22 20120322_Big Rivers Motion for Deviation.pdf
2012-03-21 20120321_PSC_IC Memo.pdf
2012-03-12 20120312_KIUC 1st Set of DR on Rehearing to Big Rivers Electric.pdf
2012-03-12 20120312_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-03-07 20120307_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-02-24 20120224_PSC_IC_NOTICE.pdf
2012-02-14 20120214_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-01-30 20120130_Big Rivers Response to Commission Order of 111711.pdf
2012-01-13 20120113_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-01-10 20120109_KIUC Reply to Big Rivers Response of KIUC Motion to Dismiss Rehearing.pdf
2012-01-05 20120105_big rivers elec direct testimony of hite,wolfr.pdf
2011-12-29 20111229_Big Rivers Response to KIUC Motion to Dismiss Rehearing.pdf
2011-12-29 20111228_Attorney Generals Comments Re Commissions Continuing Jurisdiction.pdf
2011-12-27 20111227_Big Rivers Notice of Electronically Filed Tariff on 122011.pdf
2011-12-22 20111222_PSC_Letter to Kamuf.pdf
2011-12-20 20111220_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-12-14 20111214_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-12-14 20111214_KIUCs Motion to Dismiss Rehearing and To Vacate Order of 120811.pdf
2011-12-09 20111209_Big Rivers Notice of Electronically Filed Tariff for 120711.pdf
2011-12-08 20111208_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-12-06 20111206_Big Rivers Electric Petition for Rehearing.pdf
2011-11-17 20111117_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-10-11 20111011_PSC_Letter03.pdf
2011-10-11 20111011_PSC_Letter02.pdf
2011-10-11 20111011_PSC_Letter01.pdf
2011-10-11 20111011_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-10-07 20111007_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-09-16 20110916_Big Rivers Letter of Record RE Electronic Tariff.pdf
2011-09-06 20110906_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-09-02 20110902_Big Rivers Notice of Intent To Place Rates in Effect 090111 (FAX).pdf
2011-09-02 20110902_Big Rivers Electrics Notice of Intent to Implement Rate Increase.pdf
2011-08-26 20110826_Big Rivers Electric Updated Responses to Certain Requests for Information.pdf
2011-08-18 20110818_Big Rivers Supplemental Responses to Certain Requests for Information.pdf
2011-08-12 20110812_JPECs Post Hearing Brief.pdf
2011-08-12 20110811_KIUCs Main Brief with Confidential Pages.pdf
2011-08-11 20110811_Kenergys Brief.pdf
2011-08-12 20110811_JPECs Post Hearing Brief (FAX).pdf
2011-08-12 20110811_Big Rivers Post Hearing Brief and Appendices.pdf
2011-08-11 20110811_Attorney Generals Post Hearing Brief.pdf
2011-08-09 20110809_PSC_Notice of Filing.pdf
2011-08-08 20110808_Kenergys Notice of Filing.pdf
2011-08-04 20110804_kiuc response.pdf
2011-08-04 20110804_big rivers response.pdf
2011-08-02 20110802_Big Rivers 5th Supp Response to Commission Staffs Initial Request for Info.pdf
2011-07-28 20110728_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-07-27 20110726_KIUCs Revised Response to Item 41 of Big Rivers Data Request with Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-07-25 20110725_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-22 20110722_KIUCs Surrebuttal Testimony of Stephen J Baron.pdf
2011-07-22 20110722_Kenergys Correction to Jack Gaines Exhibit to Rebuttal Testimony.pdf
2011-07-22 20110722_Big Rivers Reply to KIUCs Response to Motion to Compel.pdf
2011-07-21 20110721_KIUCs Response to Big Rivers Motion to Compel.pdf
2011-07-22 20110721_Big Rivers Notice of Affidavit and Tear Sheets for Hearing.pdf
2011-07-21 20110721_Big Rivers Electric Fourth Supplemental Response to Item 56 of Commission Staffs Initial Request for Info.pdf
2011-07-21 20110721_Big Rivers Corrected Table of Contents for Direct Testimonies of Bailey Spen and Kelly.pdf
2011-07-18 20110718_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-18 20110718_Big Rivers Supplemental Responses to Various Info Requests.pdf
2011-07-14 20110714_KIUCs Supplemental Response to Big Rivers 1st DR with Confidential Petition.pdf
2011-07-13 20110713_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-12 20110712_KIUCs Response to Kenergys Motion to Submit Rebuttal Testimony and Motion to Strike Gaines Testimony.pdf
2011-07-12 20110712_KIUCs Petition for Confidential Treatment.pdf
2011-07-12 20110712_Big Rivers Motion to Compel and Response to Kenergys Motion to Submit Rebuttal Testimony.pdf
2011-07-06 20110706_Kenergys Motion to Submit Rebuttal Testimony.pdf
2011-07-08 20110706_Big Rivers Rebuttal Testimony and Confidential Petition.pdf
2011-07-05 20110701_KIUCs Motion to Amend the Testimonies ofKing Kollen and Baron .pdf
2011-07-05 20110701_Big Rivers Response to 4th Info Request of Commission Staff dated 062211.pdf
2011-06-30 20110630_KIUC_Response to Commission Staff.pdf
2011-06-30 20110630_KIUC_Response to Big Rivers Part 2.pdf
2011-06-30 20110630_KIUC_Response to Big Rivers Part 1.pdf
2011-06-30 20110630_KIUC_Motion.pdf
2011-07-01 20110630_Big Rivers Notice of Hearing and Publication.pdf
2011-06-29 20110629_Big Rivers_Supplemental Response PSC 1-52 and Motion.pdf
2011-06-29 20110629_Big Rivers_Supplemental Response KIUC 1-110.pdf
2011-06-29 20110629_Big Rivers_Supplemental Response AG 1-8.pdf
2011-06-27 20110624_Big Rivers_Supplemental Responses.pdf
2011-06-23 20110623_KIUCs Responses to Commission Staffs Initial Info Request with Confidential Attachments.pdf
2011-06-23 20110623_KIUCs Responses to Big Rivers 1st DR with Confidential Attachments.pdf
2011-06-22 20110622_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-06-20 20110620_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-06-10 20110610_KIUCs Revised Public Redacted Testimony and Exhibits with Confidential Seal.pdf
2011-06-09 20110609_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-06-09 20110609_Big Rivers First Request of Information to KIUC.pdf
2011-06-06 20110606_Big Rivers_Revised Response and Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-06-02 20110602_Big Rivers Request to Withdraw Confidential Protection.pdf
2011-06-01 20110601_KIUCs Sworn Verifications of Direct Testimonies and Exhibits.pdf
2011-05-25 20110525_psc letter .pdf
2011-06-13 20110524_KIUC Direct Testimony and Exhibits with Confidential.pdf
2011-05-12 20110511_Big Rivers_Supplemental Responses to KIUC.pdf
2011-05-12 20110511_Big Rivers_Supplemental Responses to Commission Staff.pdf
2011-05-12 20110511_Big Rivers_Supplemental Responses to AG.pdf
2011-05-12 20110511_Big Rivers_Responses to Commission Staff 3rd Request.pdf
2011-05-12 20110511_Big Rivers_Petition for Confidential Treatment.pdf
2011-05-19 20110511_Big Rivers Response to KIUCs 2nd Request for Information.pdf
2011-04-29 20110429_KIUCs 2nd Data Requests to Big Rivers with Confidential Copy (Separate Seal).pdf
2011-04-29 20110429_Big Rivers 1st Supplemental Responses to AGs 1st Request of Info.pdf
2011-04-28 20110428_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-04-21 20110421_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-04-18 20110415_Big Rivers Updated Response to Commission Staffs 021811 Initial Request for Information.pdf
2012-02-15 20110415_Big Rivers Response to KIUCs Initial Request for Information.pdf
2011-04-19 20110415_Big Rivers Response to Commission Staffs 2nd Request for Information.pdf
2012-02-15 20110415_Big Rivers Response to AGs Initial Request for Information.pdf
2011-04-15 20110415_Big Rivers Petition for Confidential Protection.pdf
2011-04-11 20110411_Big Rivers Reply to AGs Response to Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-04-08 20110408_Kenergys Request for Service List Addition of Sandy Novick.pdf
2011-04-05 20110404_KIUCs First Set of Data Requests to Big Rivers.pdf
2011-04-05 20110404_Attorney Generals Response in Opposition to Applicants Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-04-01 20110401_PSC_ORDER01.pdf
2011-04-01 20110401_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-04-01 20110401_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-03-31 20110330_Attorney Generals Initial Data Requests Public Redacted Version.pdf
2011-03-25 20110325_JPEC_Motion to Intervene.pdf
2011-03-21 20110318_Petition of Big Rivers for Confidential Protection.pdf
2012-02-14 20110318_Big Rivers Response to Commission Staffs Initial Request for Information of 021811.pdf
2011-03-17 20110317_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-03-17 20110317_Alcan Primary Counsel Contact Information for Service List(036).pdf
2011-03-09 20110309_Kenergy motion to intervene.pdf
2011-03-08 20110308_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-03-04 20110304_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-03-02 20110302_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-03-02 20110302_Big_Rivers_Application_Volume_3_of_3.pdf
2011-03-02 20110302_Big_Rivers_Application_Volume_2_of_3.pdf
2011-03-02 20110302_Big_Rivers_Application_Volume_1_of_3.pdf
2011-02-28 20110228_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-02-25 20110225_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-02-24 20110224_Attorney Generals Motion to Intervene.pdf
2011-02-23 20110223_KIUCs Petition to Intervene (036).pdf
2011-02-21 20110221_Big Rivers Motion for Admission of Douglas L Beresford to Pro Hac Vice.pdf
2011-02-18 20110218_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-01-31 20110131_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-01-31 20110131_Big Rivers_Notice of Intent.pdf