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Folder: 2011-00037

Last Changed Name
2012-02-29 20120229_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-01-27 20120127_PSC_Notice of Filing Hearing Documents.pdf
2012-01-12 20120112_Owen Electric Affidavits of Publication.pdf
2011-12-27 20111227_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-12-19 20111216_Owen Electrics Brief.pdf
2011-12-16 20111216_Attorney Generals Post Hearing Brief.pdf
2011-11-16 20111116_PSC_Notice of Filing Hearing Documents.pdf
2011-11-14 20111114_Owen Electrics Response to Post Hearing Data Request of 110111.pdf
2011-11-03 20111103_Owen Electrics Notice of Hearing for Gallatin Co News.pdf
2011-11-03 20111101_Owen Electrics Notice of Hearing Publications and Affidavits.pdf
2011-11-02 20111101_Owen Electrics Amendments to Application.pdf
2011-10-07 20111007_Owen Electrics Rebuttal Testimony and Schedules of Stallons~Adkins~Purvis.pdf
2011-09-26 20110926_AGs Response to Owen Electrics DR.pdf
2011-09-26 20110926_AGs Response to Commission Staffs DR.pdf
2011-09-20 20110920_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-09-13 20110913_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-09-13 20110913_Owen Electrics First Information Request to AG.pdf
2011-08-30 20110830_AGs Pre Filed Testimony.pdf
2011-08-17 20110817_Owen Electrics Response to Commission Staffs 2nd Info Request.pdf
2011-08-17 20110817_Owen Electrics Response to AGs Supplemental Data Requests.pdf
2011-08-08 20110808_Owen Electrics Response to AGs Motion to Compel.pdf
2011-08-24 20110805_Owen Electrics Supplemental Responses to AGs Initial Data Requests.pdf
2011-08-05 20110805_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-08-08 20110805_Attorney Generals Supplemental Data Requests.pdf
2011-08-01 20110801_Attorney Generals Motion to Compel.pdf
2011-07-27 20110722_Owen Electrics Responses to Commission Staffs First Info Request on 062411.pdf
2011-08-29 20110722_Owen Electrics Responses to AGs Initial DR (Part 2).pdf
2011-08-29 20110722_Owen Electrics Responses to AGs Initial DR (Part 1).pdf
2011-07-07 20110707_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-01 20110701_Owen Electric_Motion.pdf
2011-06-24 20110624_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-06-27 20110624_Attorney Generals Initial Data Requests.pdf
2011-06-10 20110610_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-05-31 20110531_Owen Electrics Response to Commission Staffs Info Request to Correct Deficiencies.pdf
2011-05-25 20110525_PSC_Deficiency Letter.pdf
2011-05-06 20110506_PSC LETTER 37.pdf
2011-05-06 20110506_owen elec app.pdf
2011-03-03 20110303_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-02-24 20110224_AGs Motion to Intervene.pdf
2011-02-01 20110201_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-02-01 20110131_Owen Electric_Notice of Intent.pdf