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Case Number:2020-00364
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:11/12/2020

B & H Gas Company

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9/10/2021 3:04:54 PM

Final Order Entered: 1. The rates proposed by B & H are denied. 2. The rates and charges found reasonable herein and set forth in the Appendix to this Order are approved for service rendered by B & H on and after the date of this Order. 3. This case is closed and removed from the Commission’s docket.

3/29/2021 9:29:11 AM

Order Entered: 1. B & H’s motion to cancel the March 30, 2021 hearing and adopt Johnson County’s rates for use by B & H is granted in part and deferred in part. 2. B & H’s request to cancel the March 30, 2021 hearing is granted. 3. B & H’s request that the Commission adopt the rates of Johnson County as the approved rates for use by B & H is deferred until after Case No. 2020-00396 is concluded. 4. The formal hearing previously scheduled for March 30, 2021, at 9 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, at the Commission’s offices in Frankfort, Kentucky, is canceled. 5. This matter is held in abeyance pending a final decision in Case No. 2020-00396.

3/23/2021 9:31:01 AM

Public Notice of Hearing

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company, Inc.

3/23/2021 8:25:06 AM

Motion to Adopt Rates of Johnson County Gas Company, inc. in Lieu of Formal Hearing

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company, Inc.


Motion to Adopt Rates of Johnson County Gas Company, Inc. in Lieu of Formal Hearing

3/4/2021 12:16:59 PM

Order Entered: 1. A hearing in this matter shall be held on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at 9 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, in the Richard Raff Hearing Room at the offices of the Public Service Commission at 211 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky. 2. B & H Gas Company, Inc. (B & H) shall give notice of the hearing in compliance with 807 KAR 5:076, Section 12(1), which permits notice by publication in a newspaper no fewer than 7 days and no more than 21 days prior to the hearing, or by mailed notice to customers at least 14 days prior to the date of the hearing. In addition, the notice of hearing shall include the following statement: “This hearing will be streamed live and may be viewed on the PSC website,” At the time the notice is mailed or publication is requested, B & H shall forward a duplicate of the notice and request to the Commission. 3. Pursuant to 807 KAR 5:076, Section 13(2), B & H must be represented by an attorney licensed to practice law in Kentucky at the March 30, 2021 hearing. 4. Pursuant to KRS 278.360 and 807 KAR 5:001, Section 9(9), a digital video transcript shall be made of the hearing.

3/1/2021 9:37:35 AM

BH Request That Case Be Submitted On The Record

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


B&H Request That Case Be Submitted On The Record

2/18/2021 9:18:32 PM

BH Gas Companys Responses to Staffs Second Requests for Information

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


B&H Gas Company's Responses to Staff's Second Requests for Information

1/28/2021 2:50:57 PM

Data Request

1/26/2021 2:15:14 PM

Order Entered: B&H’s motion for leave to file amended redacted exhibits is granted.

1/21/2021 5:39:11 PM

Motion for Leave to File Amended Redacted Exhibits

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


Response 25A Redacted


Response 25B Redacted


Response 25C Redacted


Response 25D Redacted

1/15/2021 12:25:10 PM

Companys Response to Staffs First Request for Information

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


Company's Response to Staff's First Request for Information


Responses 1-20


Responses 21-24


Responses 26-27

12/28/2020 11:37:24 AM

Data Request

12/4/2020 3:31:39 PM

Order Entered: 1. The procedural schedule set forth in the Appendix to this Order, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein, shall be followed. 2. a. Responses to requests for information shall be appropriately bound, tabbed and indexed, with the original and an electronic version to the Commission. The Commission expects the original documents to be filed with the Commission within 30 days of the lifting of the current state of emergency. Electronic documents shall be in portable document format (PDF), shall be searchable, and shall be appropriately bookmarked. Each response shall include the name of the witness responsible for responding to the questions related to the information provided. b. Each response shall be answered under oath or, for representatives of a public or private corporation or a partnership or an association or a governmental agency, be accompanied by a signed certification of the preparer or person supervising the preparation of the response on behalf of the entity that the response is true and accurate to the best of that person’s knowledge, information, and belief formed after a reasonable inquiry.

12/2/2020 6:15:47 PM

Notice of Filing Customer Notice

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company

11/30/2020 1:16:03 PM

Order Entered: 1. B & H shall renotice its customers using the customer notice filed with its application. 2. B & H shall file with the Commission the same notice it mails to its customers. 3. This case shall be held in abeyance until B & H sends a legible notice and files with the Commission the notice that was provided to customers.

11/12/2020 11:17:21 AM

20201112_PSC Deficiency Cured Letter.pdf

11/12/2020 10:57:16 AM

Notice of Filing Depreciation Schedule

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


Depreciation Schedule

11/10/2020 12:10:08 PM

Corrected Notice of Filing Tax Returns

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


Redacted Federal Tax Return


Redacted State Tax Return

11/9/2020 2:15:26 PM

20201109_PSC Deficiency Letter.pdf

11/5/2020 7:06:36 PM

Alternative Rate Filing and Attachements

Joe F. Childers BH Gas Company


Customer Notice of Rate Adjustment

11/5/2020 9:08:15 AM

20201105_PSC Acknowledgment Letter.pdf


B H Gas Company, Inc. Notice of Intent to File an Application for an Alternative Rate Adjustment Using Electronic Filing Procedures

20201105_B H Gas Company, Inc. Notice of Intent and Election.pdf

B H Gas Company, Inc. Notice of Intent and Election