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Case Number:2020-00018
Service Type:Electric
Filing Date:3/6/2020

Grayson R.E.C.C.

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Case Filings
4/15/2021 3:34:38 PM

Order Entered: 1. Grayson RECC’s action plan is approved. 2. Grayson RECC shall file an action plan status update for the financial and infrastructure management audits on October 15, 2021.

3/12/2021 2:54:53 PM

Graysons Comments and Completed Action Plan in reference to Libertys Operations Management Audit Report

Bradley Cherry

3/9/2021 7:22:41 AM

Order Entered: 1. Grayson RECC’s motion for confidential treatment is granted. 2. The designated material granted confidential treatment by this Order shall not be placed in the public record or made available for public inspection for an indefinite period or until further Order of this Commission. 3. Use of the designated material granted confidential treatment by this Order in any Commission proceeding shall comply with 807 KAR 5:001, Section 13(9). 4. Grayson RECC shall inform the Commission if the designated material granted confidential treatment by this Order becomes publicly available or no longer qualifies for confidential treatment.

3/3/2021 10:10:42 AM

20210303_PSC Notice of Filing Hearing Documents.pdf

2/26/2021 2:42:39 PM

Order Entered: Grayson RECC shall file its Action Plan and comments to the Audit Report no later than March 12, 2021.

2/25/2021 7:57:34 AM

Motion for Extension in filing its comments to the Liberty Audit Report and to file its action plan in response to the audit

James Bradley Cherry

1/21/2021 7:35:25 AM

Order Entered: 1. Case No. 2019-00101 is consolidated into Case No. 2020-00018, and all future documents related to Case No. 2019-00101 shall be filed in the record of Case No. 2020-00018. 2. Grayson RECC shall file the next action plan status report that was due on March 31, 2021, in Case No. 2019-00101 on October 15, 2021. The action plan status report for both proceedings shall be filed as one action plan status report. 3. The record of Case No. 2019-00101 is incorporated by reference into Case No. 2020-00018. 4. Case No. 2019-00101 is closed and removed from the Commission’s docket.

1/11/2021 2:54:14 PM

Order Entered: 1. Concurrent with the action plan filing due February 26, 2021, Grayson RECC shall file with the Commission Grayson RECC’s comments regarding the Liberty Audit Report including, but not limited to: a. Specific responses to each of the eight recommendations in the Audit report; b. All actions Grayson RECC has taken to date in regard to the recommendations; c. Whether Grayson RECC concurs with the deadlines established in Liberty’s Audit Report recommendations, and if not, provide a proposed timeline for compliance, along with specific explanation why Grayson RECC cannot meet the proposed timeline.

1/6/2021 4:29:37 PM

Grayson Rural Electric Comments to Liberty Consulting Groups Draft Report

James Bradley Cherry

1/5/2021 3:08:55 PM

Operations Management Audit Data Request Responses and Motion for Confidential Treatment

James Bradley Cherry


Motion for Confidential Treatment


2nd Request For Information Redacted


3rd Request for Information Redacted


Initial Request for Information Redacted


Request 23 Supplement Information


Request 50 2019 Supplement Information


Request 50 2020 Supplement Information


Request 8 Supplement Information

1/5/2021 11:00:58 AM

Affidavit of Mailing of Hearing Notice

James Bradley Cherry

12/22/2020 9:16:04 AM

20201222_PSC Letter Filing Management and Audit Report.pdf

10/29/2020 12:44:27 PM

Order Entered: 1. A hearing in this matter shall be held on Thursday, January 7, 2021, at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. 2. The hearing shall be held by videoconference, with Commission Staff contacting participants by electronic mail to provide details for joining the hearing. 3. Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (Grayson RECC) shall give notice of the hearing in compliance with 807 KAR 5:001, Section 9(2)(b). In addition, the notice of hearing shall include the following statements: "This hearing will be streamed live and may be viewed on the PSC website,"; and "Public comments may be made at the beginning of the hearing. Those wishing to make oral public comments may do so by following the instructions listed on the PSC website," At the time the notice is mailed or publication is requested, Grayson RECC shall forward a duplicate of the notice and request to the Commission. 3. Pursuant to KRS 278.360 and 807 KAR 5:001, Section 9(9), a digital video transcript shall be made of the hearing.

7/10/2020 1:09:20 PM

20200710_PSC Letter Filing Documents into the Record.pdf

7/2/2020 12:02:47 PM

Grayson RECCs Comments on Request for Proposals received

Bradley Cherry

4/24/2020 8:54:38 AM

20200424_PSC IC Memo.pdf

3/25/2020 3:08:30 PM

Order Entered: Grayson RECC's motion to schedule an informal conference is denied.

3/19/2020 2:24:52 PM

Motion for Informal Conference

Bradley Cherry

3/6/2020 12:44:27 PM

Order Entered: 1. This proceeding is initiated to investigate and examine the operational capacity and the infrastructure of Grayson RECC. 2. The electronic filing procedures set forth in 807 KAR 5:001 , Section 8, shall be used in the processing of this matter. 3. Pursuant to KRS 278.255, a competent, qualified, and independent firm shall be retained to perform a full and comprehensive audit of the infrastructure engineering, facilities planning, construction , operation, and maintenance practices of Grayson RECC. 4. Pursuant to KRS 278.255(3) , Grayson RECC shall bear the cost of this audit. 5. Consistent with 807 KAR 5:013, Commission Staff shall take all actions necessary for the selection and retention of a competent, qualified and independent firm to conduct the audit of the infrastructure engineering, facilities planning, construction, operation , and maintenance practices of Grayson RECC. 6. Upon completion of the audit, Commission Staff shall file with the Commission a written report of the auditing firm 's findings and conclusions and all documents that were assembled or produced as a result of the audit.