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Folder: 2011-00035

Last Changed Name
Public Comments
2013-02-21 20130221_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-02-08 20130208_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-02-19 20130208_Kenergy Response to PSC Order dated January 29, 2013.pdf
2013-01-29 20130129_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-01-30 20120130_Kenergys Corrected Page to Refund Report filed 012512.pdf
2012-01-26 20120126_Kenergys Refund Report per Order dtd 111711.pdf
2011-12-22 20111222_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-12-20 20111220_Kenergys Corrected Tariff Sheet.pdf
2011-12-06 20111206_Kenergys Amended Petition for Reconsideration.pdf
2011-12-05 20111205_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-12-01 20111201_Kenergys Petition for Reconsideration.pdf
2011-11-17 20111117_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-09-12 20110912_Kenergys Tariff Sheets.pdf
2011-09-06 20110906_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-09-06 20110906_Kenergys Notification of Intent to Implement Rate Increase.pdf
2011-09-06 20110906_Kenergys Notice of Intent to Impose Rate Change.pdf
2011-09-02 20110902_Kenergys Revised Letter of Notice of Intent (FAX).pdf
2011-09-01 20110901_Kenergys Notice of Intent(FAX).pdf
2011-07-13 20110713_PSC_Notice of Filing.pdf
2011-07-12 20110712_Kenergys Responses to Data Requested at 070711 Hearing.pdf
2011-07-08 20110708_PSC_IC Memo.pdf
2011-07-07 20110707_Gaines_Verification Page.pdf
2011-07-08 20110706_Kenergys Notarized Proof of Publications.pdf
2011-07-06 20110706_Kenergys Amended Joint Settlement Stipulation and Recommendation.pdf
2011-07-05 20110705_Kenergys Responses to Commission Staffs 4th DR.pdf
2011-07-05 20110705_Joint Settlement Stipulation and Recommendation.pdf
2011-06-29 20110629_PSC_IC_NOTICE.pdf
2011-06-27 20110627_Kenergys Motion to Substitute Witnesses.pdf
2011-06-22 20110622_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-06-20 20110620_Kenergys Motion for Informal Conference01.pdf
2011-06-20 20110620_Kenergys Motion for Informal Conference.pdf
2011-06-17 20110617_Kenergys Updated Response to Item 35(c) of 1st DR of Commission Staff.pdf
2011-06-13 20110613_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-05-19 20110519_Kenergys Updated Info Response to Item 35(c) of Commission Staffs 1st DR.pdf
2011-05-06 20110506_Kenergys Responses to Third Data Requests.pdf
2011-04-22 20110422_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-04-20 20110420_Kenergy_Response.pdf
2011-04-08 20110408_Kenergys Response to Commission Staffs 2nd Data Requests.pdf
2011-03-29 20110329_Kenergys Notarized Proof of Publication.pdf
2011-03-25 20110325_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-03-17 20110317_Alcan Primary Counsel Contact Information for Service List.pdf
2011-03-16 20110316_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-03-01 20110301_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-03-02 20110301_Kenergy_Responses to DR.pdf
2011-03-01 20110301_Kenergy_Application.pdf
2011-02-28 20110228_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-02-23 20110223_KIUCs Petition to Intervene (035).pdf
2011-02-15 20110215_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-01-31 20110131_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-01-31 20110131_Kenergy_Notice of Intent (Original).pdf
2011-01-28 20110128_Kenergy_Notice of Intent (FAX).pdf