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Folder: 2010-00476

Last Changed Name
Public Comments
2011-11-23 20111123_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-08-22 20110822_Water Service Corporation of Kentuckys Brief.pdf
2011-08-22 20110822_Attorney Generals Post Hearing Brief.pdf
2011-08-15 20110815_WSCKs Updated Rate Case Expense Summary.pdf
2011-08-08 20110805_Water Service_Responses to Hearing Data Requests.pdf
2011-08-05 20110805_Water Service_Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-08-02 20110802_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-29 20110729_WSCKs Motion for Extension of Time.pdf
2011-07-27 20110727_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-07-25 20110725_PSC_Notice of Filing.pdf
2011-07-14 20110714_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-13 20110713_Utilities Inc 2010 Consolidated Financial Statement Updated Exhibit 11 to Application.pdf
2011-07-13 20110713_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-07-12 20110712_WSCKs Affidavits of Publication.pdf
2011-06-15 20110615_WSCKs Response to Commission Staffs 011411 Order Item 12.pdf
2011-06-10 20110610_WSCKs Revised Response to AGs Data Request Item 15.pdf
2011-06-06 20110606_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-06-03 20110603_WSCKs Corrected Response to AG DR 1-15.pdf
2011-06-02 20110602_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-05-24 20110524_WSCKs Supplemental Response to Order of 050611.pdf
2011-05-20 20110520_Water Service Corp_Responses.pdf
2011-05-06 20110506_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-04-28 20110428_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-04-21 20110420_WSCKs Response to Commission Staffs Order of 040111.pdf
2011-04-21 20110420_WSCKs Response to Attorney Generals First Data Request.pdf
2011-04-21 20110420_WSCKs Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-04-12 20110412_WSCKs Motion for Deviation and Extension of Time.pdf
2011-04-11 20110411_Response of Motion to Intervene by The City of Clinton.pdf
2011-04-05 20110404_City of Clinton Request to Intervene.pdf
2011-04-05 20110401_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2011-03-30 20110330_Attorney Generals Request for Information to WSCK.pdf
2011-03-23 20110323_Hickman Co Fiscal Court Request to Intervene.pdf
2011-03-22 20110322_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-03-10 20110310_Water Service Corporation_Notice & Exhibit.pdf
2011-03-09 20110309_Water Service Corporation_Resubmitted Petition.pdf
2012-01-12 20110309_Water Service Corporation_Exhbit 11.pdf
2011-03-08 20110308_WSCKs Response to 030411 Order.pdf
2011-03-04 20110304_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-03-02 20110302_AGs Response to Applicants 021711 Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-02-28 20110228_Water Service Corporations Affidavits of Publication.pdf
2011-02-24 20110224_WSCKs Response to 022311 Order and Motion for Deviation.pdf
2011-02-23 20110223_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-02-23 20110223_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-02-17 20110217_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2011-02-17 20110217_Petition for Confidentiality.pdf
2011-02-16 20110215_WSCKs Response to Commission Staffs Initial Data Request.pdf
2011-02-09 20110209_WSCKs Motion for Extension of Time.pdf
2011-02-02 20110202_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-01-31 20110131_Water Service Corporations Direct Testimony of Patrick Baryenbruch.pdf
2011-01-31 20110131_PSC_Letter.pdf
2012-01-09 20110124_Water Service Corporation_Application and Petition.pdf
2011-01-24 20110124_PSC_Letter.pdf
2011-01-14 20110114_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2010-12-10 20101210_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2010-12-07 20101207_Attorney Generals Motion to Intervene.pdf
2010-12-03 20101203_Water Service Corporation_Notice of Intent.pdf
2010-12-03 20101203_PSC_Letter.pdf