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Case Number:2024-00012
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:3/8/2024

Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc.

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Case Nature:

PBR Mechanism

Case Filings
5/22/2024 4:58:52 PM

Data Request

5/8/2024 11:29:28 PM

Response to Commission Staffs First Request for Information

John R. Ryan Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc.


Columbia's Response to Commission Staff's First Request for Information


Columbia's Response to Staff's First Request - Read First

4/23/2024 3:53:40 PM

Data Request

4/9/2024 2:53:51 PM

Order Entered: 1. The procedural schedule set forth in the Appendix to this Order shall be followed. 2. Columbia Kentucky shall respond to all requests for information propounded by Commission Staff, whether identified on the procedural schedule or otherwise, as provided in those requests. 3. Any party filing a paper with the Commission shall file an electronic copy in accordance with the electronic filing procedures set forth in 807 KAR 5:001, Section 8. Electronic documents shall be in portable document format (PDF), shall be searchable, and shall be appropriately bookmarked. The Commission directs the parties to the Commission’s July 22, 2021 Order in Case No. 2020-00085² regarding filings with the Commission. 4. As set forth in 807 KAR 5:001, Section 4(11)(a), a person requesting permissive intervention in a Commission proceeding is required to demonstrate either (1) a special interest in the proceeding that is not adequately represented in the case, or (2) that the person requesting permissive intervention is likely to present issues or develop facts that will assist the Commission in fully considering the matter without unduly complicating or disrupting the proceedings. Therefore, any person requesting to intervene in a Commission proceeding must state with specificity the person’s special interest that is not otherwise adequately represented, or the issues and facts that the person will present that will assist the Commission in fully considering the matter.

3/11/2024 5:13:03 PM

Order Entered: 1. Columbia Kentucky’s motion to amend its January 31, 2024 PBR mechanism filing to exclude changes is granted. 2. Columbia Kentucky’s amended PBR mechanism renewal filing is deemed filed as of the date it was tendered, March 8, 2024. 3. Columbia Kentucky’s existing PBR rate calculation, set to expire on March 31, 2024, is extended until October 31, 2024, or until Commission enters an order amending the rate, whichever occurs first. 4. Columbia Kentucky’s motion to deviate from the 30 days’ notice requirement in KRS 278.180(1) is granted. The Commission orders that the notice period is shortened to the minimum requirement of not less than 20 days’ notice upon issuance of this Order. 5. Columbia Kentucky’s motion to deviate from customer notice requirements in 807 KAR 5:011, Section 8, is granted. Columbia Kentucky shall be required to provide customer notice under this Section for all future PBR filings, including any further amendments to its application in the present case.

3/8/2024 3:20:19 PM

Motion for Deviation and Motion to Amend Application

Heather Temple Columbia Kentucky


Entry of Appearance Honaker Law Office

3/1/2024 3:24:56 PM

Order Entered: 1. Columbia Kentucky’s application regarding its PBR mechanism is rejected for filing due to lack of notice. 2. This matter will remain open for 30 days on the Commission’s docket to allow Columbia Kentucky the opportunity to provide and file proof of compliant notice or to request a deviation.

1/31/2024 5:27:46 PM

Application of Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc. to Extend its Performance Based Rate Mechanism and Direct Testimony in Support

John R. Ryan Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc.

1/18/2024 2:49:45 PM

20240118_PSC Acknowledgment Letter.pdf


Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc. Notice of Intent to File an Application to Continue Its Gas Cost Incentive Adjustment Performance Based Rate Making Mechanism Using Electronic Filing Procedures

20240118_Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc. Notice of Intent and Election.pdf

Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc. Notice of Intent and Election