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Case Number:2016-00422
Service Type:Water
Filing Date:1/31/2017

Cunningham Water District

Case Nature:

807 KAR 5:006, Section 14(2)

Case Filings
10/12/2017 3:16:59 PM

Final Order Entered: 1. CWD's deviation from the office hours requirements of 807 KAR 5:006 Section 14(1 )(b)(2), is granted for a period of three years from the date of this Order. 2. The deviation is conditioned upon CWD's providing to the Commission within 30 days of the date of this Order Mr. Young's phone number, and the name and phone number of the individual who will be the alternative contact person for CWO when Mr. Young is ill or otherwise unavailable. CWO shall also send out a notice to all customers providing them with the details of this deviation and shall provide the Commission with a copy of the notice within 30 days of the date of this order. 3. The following case style shall be used when referring to this case: "APPLICATION OF CUNNINGHAM WATER DISTRICT REQUESTING DEVIATION FROM REQUIREMENTS OF 807 KAR 5:006, SECTION 14(1)(b)(2)." 4. No less than three months prior to the expiration of the deviation granted through this Order, CWO shall file a written notice indicating whether it will submit a request for a successive deviation. If CWO, through the written notice, indicates that it does not plan to request a successive deviation, CWO shall state how it will comply with 807 KAR 5:006, Section 14(1 )(b)(2).


Cunningham Water District Response to Request for Information

4/12/2017 2:35:44 PM

Commission Staff's First Request for Information to Cunningham Water District

2/2/2017 3:23:44 PM

Deficiency Cured Letter


Cunningham Water District Resubmitted Application

12/7/2016 3:36:16 PM

Deficiency letter, information due 12/17

12/6/2016 9:02:10 AM

Acknowledge Receipt of Filing


Cunningham Water District Application Requesting Deviation from Requirements of 807 KAR 5:006, Section 14(2)