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Case Number:2011-00164
Service Type:Water
Filing Date:3/28/2011

South Logan Water Association, Inc.

Case Nature:

Acceptance of Debit and Credit Card Payments

Case Filings

Final Order Entered: (1) The proposed credit/debit card fee of three percent is approved for service on and after the date of this Order. (2) South Logan's proposed regulation regarding credit card and debit card payments, as revised and set forth in the appendix to this Order, is approved for service rendered on and after the date of this Order. (3) Within 20 days of the date of this Order, South Logan shall file a tariff sheet that contains the approved regulation and fee and that contains the signature of a South Logan officer who is authorized to issue tariffs. (4) For as long as the credit/debit card fee remains in effect, South Logan shall retain its records in such manner as to permit the Commission to ascertain the costs associated with payments by credit card and debit card and the revenues that the credit/debit card fee produces.


South Logan Water's Response to Commission Staff's Request


Order Entered: (1) This proceeding is established to investigate the reasonableness of South Logan's proposed tariff revisions. (2) South Logan shall file with the Commission no later than May 31, 2011 the original and 10 copies of the information identified in the Appendix to this Order, with a copy to all parties of record. (3) Each response shall be answered under oath. (4) South Logan shall make timely amendment to any prior response if the response was incorrect when made. (5) For any request to which South Logan fails to furnish the requested information, South Logan shall provide a written explanation.


South Logan Water Association's credit/debit card tariff