Kentucky Public Service Commission

Fuel Contracts

Fuel Contracts From: 8/01/2022

Utility Date Received Fuel Provider Document
Kentucky Utilities Company 2022.08.12 Supplemental File
Louisville Gas and Electric Company 2022.08.12 Supplemental File
Big Rivers Electric Corporation 2022.08.11 Cover Letter
Supplemental File
Cima Energy Cima Energy 8-11-22.pdf Cima Energy, Ltd.
Eco-Energy Eco-Energy 8-11-22.pdf
Heritage Petroleum Heritage Petroleum 8-11-22.pdf
Tenaska Marketing Tenaska Marketing 8-11-22.pdf Tenska Marketing
East Kentucky Power Cooperative 2022.08.03 Cover Letter
4th Gen Fuels, LLC 4th Gen Fuels, LLC 8-3-22_02.pdf
4th Gen Fuels, LLC 8-3-22_03.pdf
4th Gen Fuels, LLC 8-3-22.pdf
4th Gen Fuels, LLC 8-3-22_01.pdf
Alliance Coal Alliance Coal 8-3-22.pdf
Alliance Coal 8-3-22_01.pdf
B & N Coal B & N Coal 8-3-22_02.pdf B N Coal
B & N Coal 8-3-22.pdf
B & N Coal 8-3-22_01.pdf
Blackhawk Coal Sales Blackhawk Coal Sales 8-3-22.pdf
Blackhawk Coal Sales 8-3-22_01.pdf
Blackhawk Coal Sales 8-3-22_02.pdf
Carbon Partners, Inc. Carbon Partners, Inc. 8-3-22_01.pdf
Carbon Partners, Inc. 8-3-22_02.pdf
Carbon Partners, Inc. 8-3-22.pdf
CCU Coal and Construction LLC CCU Coal and Construction LLC 8-3-22_01.pdf CCU Coal & Construction, LLC
CCU Coal and Construction LLC 8-3-22.pdf CCU coal and Construction LLC
CCU Coal and Construction LLC 8-3-22_02.pdf
CCU Coal and Construction LLC 8-3-22_03.pdf
Columbia Resource Group, LLC Columbia Resource Group, LLC 8-3-22.pdf
Foresight Coal Sales Foresight Coal Sales 8-3-22_01.pdf
Foresight Coal Sales 8-3-22.pdf
Ingram Barge Company Ingram Barge Company 8-3-22.pdf
River Trading Company River Trading Company 8-3-22_01.pdf
River Trading Company 8-3-22_02.pdf
River Trading Company 8-3-22.pdf
Texas Gas Transmission Texas Gas Transmission 8-3-22.pdf Texas Gas Transmission LLC