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Folder: 2012-00023

Last Changed Name
2013-03-26 20130326_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2013-02-08 20130208_Taylor County RECC notice of filing of applicants Post Hearing Responses.pdf
2013-02-06 20130206_PSC_Notice of Filing.pdf
2013-01-29 20130129_Taylor_County_Affidavits_of_Publication.pdf
2013-01-16 20130116_PSC_IC Memo.pdf
2013-01-14 20130114_Taylor County RECC_Supplemental Filing.pdf
2012-12-13 20121213_PSC_IC_NOTICE.pdf
2012-12-06 20121206_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-12-03 20121203_Applicants motion for informal conference.pdf
2012-10-31 20121031_Taylor Co RECC Response to Commission Staffs 3rd Info Request.pdf
2012-10-18 20121018_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-10-05 20121004_Taylor Co RECC Responses to Commission Staffs 2nd Request for Info.pdf
2012-09-21 20120921_Taylor Co RECC Affidavits of Publication.pdf
2012-09-20 20120920_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-09-12 20120912_PSC_ORDER.pdf
2012-08-31 20120831_PSC_Letter.pdf
2012-08-30 20120830_Taylor Co RECC Corrected Tariff Sheet No 31.pdf
2012-08-29 20120829_Taylor Co RECC Responses to Commission Staffs 1st Request for Info dtd 020612.pdf
2012-08-29 20120829_Taylor Co RECC Response to Filing Deficiencies of 082212.pdf
2012-08-22 20120822_PSC_Letter.pdf
2012-08-16 20120816_Taylor_County_Application.pdf
2012-08-16 20120816_PSC_Letter.pdf
2012-02-06 20120206_PSC_DATA_REQUEST.pdf
2012-01-20 20120120_Taylor County RECC_Notice of Intent.pdf
2012-01-20 20120120_PSC_Acknowledgement Letter.pdf