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Case Number:2024-00079
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:4/1/2024
Category:Purchased Gas Adjustment

Navitas KY NG, LLC

Electronic Case
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Case Filings
4/30/2024 1:53:55 PM

Order Entered: 1. Navitas KY’s proposed GCR rates are suspended for five months, up to and including September 30, 2024. 2. If Navitas KY files notice of its intention to place the proposed GCR rates into effect after the end of the suspension period, Navitas KY shall maintain its records in such manner as will allow it, the Commission, or any customer to determine the amounts to be refunded and to whom in the event a refund is ordered upon final resolution of this matter. 3. Navitas KY shall respond to all requests for information propounded by Commission Staff as provided in those requests. 4. As set forth in 807 KAR 5:001, Section 4(11)(a), a person requesting permissive intervention in a Commission proceeding is required to demonstrate either (1) a special interest in the proceeding, which is not adequately represented in the case, or (2) that the person requesting permissive intervention is likely to present issues or develop facts that will assist the Commission in fully considering the matter without unduly complicating or disrupting the proceedings. Therefore, any person requesting to intervene in a Commission proceeding must state with specificity the person’s special interest that is not otherwise adequately represented, or the issues and facts the person will present that will assist the Commission in fully considering the matter.

4/1/2024 5:24:21 PM


M. Evan Buckley Navitas KY NG, LLC

3/26/2024 9:58:57 AM

20240326_PSC Acknowledgment Letter.pdf


Navitas KY NG, LLC Notice of Intent to File a Purchased Gas Adjustment Using Electronic Filing Procedures

20240326_Navitas KY NG, LLC Notice of Intent and Election.pdf

Navitas KY NG, LLC Notice of Intent and Election