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Case Number:2024-00073
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:3/28/2024
Category:Purchased Gas Adjustment

Sentra Corporation c/o Sentra Resources LLC

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Case Filings
4/30/2024 1:39:02 PM

Final Order Entered: 1. The rate proposed by Sentra and set forth in the Appendix to this Order are approved for service rendered on and after May 1, 2024. 2. Sentra shall submit all invoices it receives along with its monthly usage reports for each month of the reporting period when it files its future GCR rate reports. 3. Should Sentra purchase sustainable natural gas from a renewable source during the reporting period of any future GCR reports, then the supplier, cost, and amount shall be documented in its cover letter to the Commission. 4. Within 20 days of the date of service of this Order, Sentra shall file with this Commission, using the Commission’s electronic Tariff Filing System, revised tariff sheets setting out the rate approved herein and reflecting that it was approved pursuant to this Order. 5. This case is closed and removed from the Commission’s docket.

3/28/2024 3:30:23 PM

GCR Application Effective May 1, 2024

Thomas Bartley Sentra Corporation


Cover Letter Effective May 1, 2024


GCR Effective May 1, 2024

3/22/2024 4:40:14 PM

20240322_PSC Acknowledgment Letter.pdf


Sentra Corporation Notice of Intent to File a Purchased Gas Adjustment Using Electronic Filing Procedures

20240322_Sentra Corporation Notice of Intent and Election.pdf

Sentra Corporation Notice of Intent and Election