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Case Number:2023-00001
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:1/9/2023

Atmos Energy Corporation

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4/2/2024 2:15:21 PM

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Atmos’ motion for an 18-day extension to file the required report as ordered in the Commission’s March 9, 2023 Order is granted.

3/9/2023 12:19:00 PM

Final Order Entered: 1. Atmos is authorized to implement a $5,000,000,000 universal shelf registration for equity and debt financing, subject to the provisions and terms contained within its application, superseding the previous universal shelf authority granted in Case No. 2021-00193. 2. The proceeds from the transaction authorized herein shall be used only for the lawful purposes set out in the application. 3. No costs resulting from this issuance of securities shall be recovered in rates unless Atmos provides evidence sufficient to establish that proceeds were used for Kentucky operations, or some portion of the proceeds may be reasonably allocated to Kentucky operations. 4. Atmos, within ten days after filing its 10Q or 10K filing with the SEC, shall file the information with the Commission, including information regarding the issuance of the securities referenced herein, a statement setting forth the date or dates of issuance, the price paid, the interest rate if any, the purchasers, and all fees and expenses, including underwriting discounts or commission or other compensation, involved in the issuance. In addition, if debt securities were issued, Atmos shall include an explanation as to how the selected interest rate alternative represents the most reasonable interest rate available at the time of issuance, and copies of any executed interest rate management agreements.

2/20/2023 6:39:03 PM

Atmos Energy Hearing Waiver 2023-00001

Eric Wilen Atmos Energy Corporation


2023-02-20 Atmos Hearing Waiver 2023-00001


Read1st - Atmos Hearing Waiver Cover Letter 2023-00001

2/9/2023 2:40:22 PM

2023-00001 Atmos Energy Responses to Staff Set 1

Eric Wilen Atmos Energy Corporation


Read1st - Atmos Energy Responses to Staff Set 1 Cover Letter 2023-00001

1/26/2023 12:55:05 PM

Order Entered: 1. The procedural schedule set forth in Appendix A to this Order shall be followed. 2. On or before the date set forth in the procedural schedule, Atmos shall file its responses to the Commission Staff’s first Request for Information, attached to this Order as Appendix B. 3. Atmos shall respond to any additional requests for information propounded by Commission Staff as provided in those requests. 4. Any party filing a paper with the Commission shall file an electronic copy in accordance with the electronic filing procedures set forth in 807 KAR 5:001E, Section 8. Electronic documents shall be in portable document format (PDF), shall be searchable, and shall be appropriately bookmarked. The Commission directs the parties to the Commission’s July 22, 2021 Order in Case No. 2020-00085² regarding filings with the Commission.

1/10/2023 9:54:21 AM

20230110_PSC Deficiency Cured Letter.pdf

1/9/2023 4:42:42 PM

Atmos Energy Response to Deficiency Letter 2023-00001

Eric Wilen Atmos Energy Corporation


Atmos Energy Response to Deficiency and Exhibit B 2023-00001


Exhibit B


Read1st - Atmos Energy Response to Deficiency Cover Letter 2023-00001

1/9/2023 3:31:16 PM

20230109_PSC Deficiency Letter.pdf

1/4/2023 11:37:24 PM

Atmos Energy KY Universal Shelf Registration Application 2023-00001

Eric Wilen Atmos Energy Corporation


2023-01-04 Atmos KY Universal Shelf Registration Application 2023-00001


Read1st - Atmos KY Universal Shelf Registration Application Cover Letter 2023-00001

1/3/2023 11:50:00 AM

20230103_PSC Acknowledgment Letter.pdf


Atmos Energy Corporation Notice of Intent to File an Application for an Order Authorizing the Implementation of a $5,000,000,000 Universal Shelf Registration Using Electronic Filing Procedures

20221229_Atmos Energy Corporation Notice of Intent and Election.pdf

Atmos Energy Corporation Notice of Intent and Election