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Case Number:2020-00059
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:2/28/2020

Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.

Electronic Case
Case Nature:

Pipe Replacement Program Rider

Case Filings
4/28/2020 8:57:04 AM

Final Order Entered: 1. The PRP rates in Appendix A to this Order are approved for billing by Delta for meters read on and after May 1, 2020. 2. Delta shall continue to file the information requested in Appendix B to this Order when it files its future annual PRP applications. 3. Within 20 days of the date of this Order, Delta shall file with this Commission, using the Commission's electronic Tariff Filing System, revised tariff sheets setting out the rates approved herein and reflecting that they were approved pursuant to this Order. 4. This case is closed and removed from the Commission's docket.

4/21/2020 1:16:51 PM

Motion to Update Service List

Monica H. Braun Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.

4/16/2020 1:23:34 PM

Responses to Commission Staffs First Request for Information

Monica Braun Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.

4/16/2020 12:38:13 PM

Order Entered: 1. Delta's motion to convert this proceeding to an electronic case is granted. 2. Electronic filing procedures shall be followed, pursuant to 807 KAR 5:001, Section 8, for all filings in this case. 3. Parties shall upload an electronic version using the Commission's Electronic Filing System. 4. Pursuant to the Commission's March 16, 2020 and March 24, 2020 Orders in Case No. 2020-00085, parties shall not file an original paper copy of any documents in this proceeding until further order of the Commission. Upon an order lifting the current state of emergency, parties shall file original paper copies of electronic documents filed in this proceeding within 30 days of the lifting of the current state of emergency. 5. The style of this case is revised to read, "Electronic Adjustment of the Pipe Replacement Program Rider Of Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc."


Commission Staff's First Request for Information to Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.


Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. Entry of Appearance and Motion to Utilize Electronic Filing Procedures


Acknowledge Receipt of Filing


Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. Adjustment of the Pipe Replacement Program Rider

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Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. Application