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Case Number:2019-00363
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:9/25/2019

Atmos Energy Corporation

Case Nature:

Modify Commission Order in Case No. 2018-00280

Case Filings

Final Order Entered: 1. Atmos' s motion for modification of reporting requirements for security issuances pursuant to its $3,000,000,000 Universal Shelf Registration is granted. 2. Ordering paragraph 3 of the September 18, 2018 Order in Case No. 2018-00280 is modified to the limited extent that for stock issued under the ATM program, Atmos shall file with the Commission a statement setting forth the date or dates of issuance, the price paid, the interest rate , the purchasers , and all fees and expenses, including underwriting discounts or commission or other compensation, within ten days following the date each such stock issuance was public disclosed in Atmos's 10Q report filed with the SEC. 3. All other provisions of the September 18, 2018 Order in Case No. 2018- 00280 shall remain in full force and effect. 4. This case is hereby closed and will be removed from the Commission's docket.


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Atmos Energy Corporation Motion to Modify Commission's Order of September 19, 2018 in Case No. 2018-00280