Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Case Number:2018-00354
Service Type:Electric
Filing Date:10/1/2018

Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Case Nature:

AMS Opt-Out Tariff

Case Filings
4/12/2019 10:00:23 AM

Final Order Entered: 1. The proposed AMS Opt-Out tariff and the rates set forth in the Appendix to this Order are approved as of the date of this Order. 2. Within 20 days of the date of this Order, Owen Electric shall, using the Commission's Electronic Tariff Filing System, file a revised tariff sheet setting out the rates set forth in the Appendix to this Order and reflecting that they were approved pursuant to this Order. 3. This case is hereby closed and will be removed from the Commission's docket.


Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc. Request for Decision Without Hearing


Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc. Response to Commission Staff First Request for Information

11/19/2018 3:02:57 PM

Commission Staff's First Request for Information to Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc.

10/26/2018 2:46:46 PM

Order Entered: 1. Owen Electric's proposed Opt-Out Tariff is suspended for five months, from November 1, 2018, to April 30, 2019. 2. The entire case file for Case No. 2012-00468, as well as any responses submitted by Owen Electric in Case No. 2012-00448 that relate to the meter reading tariff, are incorporated into this case by reference. 3. The procedural schedule set forth in the Appendix to this Order shall be followed. 4. a. Responses to requests for information shall be appropriately bound, tabbed, and indexed and shall include the name of the witness responsible for responding to the questions related to the information provided, with copies to all parties of record, and the original and ten copies to the Commission. b. Each response shall be answered under oath or, for representatives of a public or private corporation or a partnership or an association or a governmental agency, be accompanied by a signed certification of the preparer or person supervising the preparation of the response on behalf of the entity that the response is true and accurate to the best of that person's knowledge, information, and belief formed after a reasonable inquiry. c. A party shall make timely amendment to any prior response if it obtains information which indicates that the response was incorrect when made or, though correct when made, is now incorrect in any material respect.


Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc. Opt-Out Tariff