Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Case Number:2017-00196
Service Type:Electric
Filing Date:5/31/2017

Kentucky Power Company

Case Nature:

Alleged Failure to Comply with KRS 278.042

Case Filings
9/7/2017 11:14:12 AM

Final Order Entered: 1 . Kentucky Power's payment of the proposed civil penalty in the amount of $2,500 satisfies and resolves any and all claims against Kentucky Power for any alleged violation of KRS Chapter 278 and for any penalty under KRS 278.990 arising out of the July 9, 2015 incident 2. The formal hearing scheduled in this matter for September 12, 2017, is cancelled. 3. This case is closed and removed from the Commission's docket.

8/31/2017 3:39:39 PM

Acknowledgement of Payment of Penalty


Kentucky Power Company Civil Penalty Payment

8/17/2017 11:11:25 AM

Demand Letter

7/5/2017 4:03:41 PM

Order Entered: 1. Kentucky Power's motion for a ten-day extension is granted. 2. Kentucky Power shall file its written response to the Staff Incident Report on or before June 30, 2017.


Kentucky Power Co. Response to Show Cause Order and Motion for IC


Kentucky Power Co. Response to Show Cause Order and Motion for IC


Kentucky Power Co. Motion for Extension

5/31/2017 11:42:15 AM

Order Entered: 1. Kentucky Power shall submit to the Commission a written response to the allegations contained in the Staff Report within 20 days of the date of this Order. 2. Kentucky Power shall appear on September 12, 2017, at 9 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, in Hearing Room 1 of the Commission's offices at 211 Sower Boulevard in Frankfort, Kentucky, for the purpose of presenting evidence concerning the alleged violations of KRS 278.042 and the 2012 edition of the NESC, and showing cause why it should not be subject to the penalties prescribed in KRS 278.990(1) for these alleged violations. 3. The September 12, 2017 hearing shall be recorded by digital video recording only. 4. The Staff Report in the Appendix to this Order is made a part of the record in this case. 5. At the scheduled hearing in this matter, Kentucky Power shall also present evidence on the adequacy, safety, and reasonableness of its practices related to the construction, installation, and repair of electric facilities as they relate to the facts of this case and whether such practices require revision as related to this incident.