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Case Number:2016-00400
Service Type:Water
Filing Date:3/13/2017

Murray #2 Water District

Case Nature:

807 KAR 5:066, Section 4 (4)

Case Filings
1/5/2018 2:44:32 PM

Final Order Entered: 1. Murray's request to deviate from the water storage requirements of 807 KAR 5:066, Section 4(4), is granted and approved through January 31, 2021. 2. Murray shall inform the Commission in writing if changes occur in either system that would cause the City of Murray to have insufficient storage for Murray. 3. Beginning June 1, 2018, and every six months thereafter, Murray shall file with the Commission a written report of its efforts to obtain a written agreement regarding water storage and the progress of acquisition negotiations with the City of Murray. If these semi-annual reports are not timely filed, the Commission will initiate a show cause action against Murray's commissioners for failure to obey an Order of the Commission. 4. In the event that Murray has neither secured a written agreement with nor been acquired by the City of Murray by December 1, 2020, Murray shall file an application for a deviation from 807 KAR 5:066, Section 4(4), on or before January 3, 2021. 5. Any documents filed in the future pursuant to ordering paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 shall reference this case number and shall be retained in the utility's general correspondence file. 6. The Executive Director is delegated authority to grant reasonable extensions of time for the filing of any documents required by this Order upon Murray's showing of good cause for such extension.


Murray No. 2 Water District Response to Request for Information

4/20/2017 12:23:59 PM

Commission Staff's Request for Information to Murray No. 2 Water District

3/13/2017 3:07:31 PM

Deficiency Cured Letter


Murray No. 2 Water District Amended Application

12/7/2016 12:12:02 PM

Deficiency letter, information due 12/17

11/22/2016 9:19:13 AM

Acknowledge Receipt of Filing


Murray No. 2 Water District Application Requesting Deviation from Requirements of 807 KAR 5:066, Section 4(4)