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Case Number:2013-00332
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:9/10/2013

Commercial Propane Service, LLC d/b/a Bright's Propane Service, Inc.

Case Nature:

AmeriGas Partners, L.P and AmeriGas Propane, L.P.

Case Filings
1/15/2015 11:04:28 AM

Final Order Entered: 1. AmeriGas's motion is granted and its application to abandon Bright's is dismissed as moot. 2. This case is closed and is removed from the Commission's docket.


AmeriGas Partners and AmeriGas propane motion to withdraw abandonment request and for a final order


Public Comments of Fred & Connie Tatenhove

6/6/2014 1:46:14 PM

Order Entered: 1. AmeriGas's Motion to Hold Procedural Schedule in Abeyance is granted. 2. The current procedural schedule as established by the March 31, 2014 Order shall be held in abeyance. 3. The hearing scheduled to begin on June 12, 2014, is cancelled and shall be rescheduled if necessary. 4. AmeriGas shall notify all customers of Bright's Propane that the hearing scheduled on Thursday, June 12, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, in Conference Room 1 of the Commission's offices at 211 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky, has been cancelled due to ongoing negotiations for the sale of Bright's Propane.


AmeriGas Partners and AmeriGas Propane motion to hold procedural schedule in abeyance


Heritage Operating LP dba Brights Propane Service Witness List and Testimony Summary

3/31/2014 2:50:03 PM

Order Entered: 1. AmeriGas's request that this matter be submitted on the record for a decision by the Commission without a formal hearing is denied. 2. A formal hearing on the request of AmeriGas to abandon its propane pipeline delivery system in Old Bridge subdivision shall be held on Thursday, June 12, 2014, beginning at 10:00 am. Eastern Daylight Time, in Hearing Room 1 of the Commission's offices at 211 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky, for the purpose of hearing evidence in this case, and shall continue until completed. 3. Pursuant to 807 KAR 5:001, Section 9(2)(b), AmeriGas shall provide notice to the public of the purpose, time, place, and date of the hearing. AmeriGas shall provide a copy of the notice to the Commission on or before the date of the hearing. 4. No later than May 29, 2014, AmeriGas shall file with the Commission a list of the persons it intends to call as witnesses at the scheduled hearing and a summary of each witness's expected testimony. 5. Any exhibits that AmeriGas wishes to introduce at the hearing shall be marked with its name and a sequential number (e.g., AmeriGas Exhibit 1). 6. Unless the Commission directs otherwise, AmeriGas shall file with the Commission responses to requests for information made at the hearing no later than June 26, 2014. 7. Pursuant to KRS 278.360 and 807 KAR 5:001, Section 9(9)(a), the record of the formal hearing in this matter shall be a digital video recording.


Heritage Operating LP dba Bright's Propane Service Inc.'s Motion to Submit the Case for Decision on the Record


Heritage Operating LP dba Bright's Propane Service Inc. Request to Withdrawal that PSC Delay Issuing Final Order


Heritage Operating L.P. dba Bright's Propane Service Inc.'s Written Responses to PSC Staff's Questions and Letters from Residents of Old Bridge Neighborhood

11/20/2013 10:49:16 AM

Memorandum dated 11/19/13 for Informal Conference of 11/14/13; Comments, if any, due 11/27/13.

11/6/2013 9:37:39 AM



Allan B. Crain Public Comments


Attorney General's Response Letter to Henry and Nancy Marcussen


Attorney General''s Response to Scott Schurz Jr


Attorney General's Response to Stuart and Anne Larson


Attorney General's Response to Sue and William Prete


Henry and Nancy Marcussen Public Comments


Attorney General's Response Letter to James Porter


AmeriGas Partners LP and AmeriGas Propane LP of Utility Service by Bright's Propane Service Inc Notice of Withdrawal as Counsel by Deborah T. Eversole


Response of AmeriGas Partners and AmeriGas Propane to the PSC request for info dated Sept 10, 13

9/10/2013 3:00:54 PM

Order Entered: This case is initiated to investigate the request by AmeriGas to abandon utility service now provided by Bright's Propane to customers in the Old Bridge Subdivision, Boyle County, Kentucky. 2. The record of case No. 2013-00241 is incorporated by reference into this case.3. AmeriGas shall file by September 20, 2013, an original and ten copies of the information requested in the Appendix to this Order. Responses to requests for information shall be appropriately bound, tabbed, and indexed. a. Each response shall include the name of the witness responsible for responding to the questions related to the information provided. b. Each response shall be answered under oath or, for representatives of a public or private corporation or a partnership or association or a governmental agency, be accompanied by a signed certification of the preparer or person supervising the preparation of the response on behalf of the entity that the response is true and accurate to the best of that person's knowledge, information, and belief formed after a reasonable inquiry. c. AmeriGas shall make timely amendment to any prior response if it obtains information which indicates that the response was incorrect when made or, though correct when made, is now incorrect in any material respect. d. For any request to which AmeriGas fails or refuses to furnish all or part of the requested information,