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Case Number:2012-00440
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:9/28/2012

Atmos Energy Corporation

Case Nature:

Continuation of Hedging Program

Case Filings
12/5/2019 8:59:51 AM

Final Order Entered: 1. This case is opened to address certain outstanding petitions for confidential treatment. 2. The petitions for confidential treatment listed in Appendix B to this Order are granted. 3. The granting of these petitions shall not be cited as precedent in other proceedings before the Commission. 4. All movants shall review the petitions to determine if the material for which confidential treatment was requested still warrants confidential treatment. 5. A movant shall inform the Commission in writing, and filed in the original case file, if it determines that the information contained in a petition that is granted by this Order no longer warrants confidential treatment. 6. The Commission shall make available for inspection, upon request, any materials that a movant determines no longer warrants confidential treatment. 7. This case is closed and removed from the Commission's docket.

7/16/2014 12:57:03 PM


7/12/2013 2:09:21 PM

Order Entered: Atmos’s petition for confidential protection is hereby granted and the materials for which Atmos seeks confidential treatment shall not be placed in the public record nor made available for public inspection. 2. Use of the materials in question in this proceeding shall be in compliance with 807 KAR 5:001, Section 13(9). 3. Atmos shall inform the Commission if the materials in question become publicly available or no longer qualify for confidential treatment. 4. If a non-party to this proceeding requests to inspect materials granted confidential treatment by this Order, the Commission shall notify Atmos in writing and direct Atmos to demonstrate within 20 days of its receipt of the notice that the materials still fall within the exclusions from disclosure requirements established in KRS 61 .878. If Atmos is unable to make such demonstration, the requested materials shall be made available for inspection. Otherwise, the Commission shall deny the request for inspection. 5. The Commission shall not make the requested materials available for inspection for 20 days following an Order finding that the material no longer qualifies for confidential treatment in order to allow Atmos to seek a remedy afforded by law.

3/28/2013 2:34:35 PM

Order Entered: I. Atmos’s request to extend its current hedging program, with the addition of options as a hedging tool, is approved through March 31, 2014. 2. Atmos shall file interim and final reports as required by the Commission in its approvals of Atmos’s previous hedging programs, including the additional information described above. 3. If it desires to continue its hedging program beyond March 31, 2014, it shall request further extension at the time it files its next interim hedging report, or no later than November 30,2013.


Atmos Response to PSC staff data request dated January 9, 13

1/9/2013 10:20:38 AM



Atmos Energy Original of Confidential Info for 092712 Filing

9/28/2012 10:50:34 AM

Acknowledge Receipt of Filing


Atmos Energy Corporation's Application for Continuation of Its Hedging Program and Petition for Confidentiality