Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Case Number:2012-00268
Service Type:Electric
Filing Date:6/25/2012

Kentucky Utilities Company

Case Nature:

Council of LFUCG

Case Filings
6/28/2012 2:46:02 PM

Order Entered 1. KU is granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity that authorizes it to bid on a franchise for electric service offered by the LFUCG. 2. KU, if it becomes the successful bidder, shall file two copies of the franchise agreement with the Commission’s tariff branch. 3. This Order shall not be construed as granting a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to construct utility facilities by the LFUCG.

6/25/2012 3:15:50 PM

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Kentucky Utilities Company's Application for a CPC&N to Bid on a Franchise Established by the Council of LFUCG