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Case Number:2012-00227
Service Type:Gas
Filing Date:6/4/2012
Category:Purchased Gas Adjustment

Johnson County Gas Company, Inc.

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Case Filings
11/29/2012 9:45:29 AM

Order Entered: (1) Johnson County’s proposed rates are denied. (2) Johnson County’s next GCA filing for rates effective January 1, 2013 should include all supplier invoices and proof of payment for the months April through September 2012. (3) Johnson County shall, immediately upon receipt of this Order, establish an interest-bearing account in which to deposit any GCA revenues collected in excess of actual monthly payments for the invoiced cost of gas purchases from Bradco, TCO, and EQT, those revenues being used only to pay any back billed invoices from Hall, Stephens, & Hall.


Johnson County Gas Company's Responses to Staff's Request for Information

7/16/2012 10:45:02 AM

Memo concerning site visit of 07/07/12

6/29/2012 3:18:38 PM

Order Entered: 1. Johnson County’s proposed rates are suspended for five months from July 1, 2012 up to and including December 1, 2012. 2. a. The information requested in the Appendix is due within 20 days of the date of this Order. Responses to requests for information shall be appropriately bound, and shall include the name of the witness responsible for responding to the questions related to the information provided, with copies to all parties of record and ten copies to the Commission. b. Each response shall be answered under oath or, for representatives of a public or private corporation or a partnership or association or a governmental agency, be accompanied by a signed certification of the preparer or person supervising the preparation of the response on behalf of the entity that the response is true and accurate to the best of that person’s knowledge, information, and belief formed after a reasonable inquiry. c. Any party shall make timely amendment to any prior response if it obtains information which indicates that the response was incorrect when made or, though correct when made, is now incorrect in any material respect. d. For any request to which a party fails or refuses to furnish all or part of the requested information, that party shall provide a written explanation of the specific grounds for its failure to completely and precisely respond. 3. Nothing shall prevent the Commission from issuing an Order prior to the end of the suspension period.

6/4/2012 1:24:18 PM

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Purchased Gas Adjustment Filing of Johnson County Gas Company