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Case Number:2012-00085
Service Type:Gas & Electric
Filing Date:3/6/2012

Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc.

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Case Filings
3/13/2013 10:38:03 AM

Order Entered: 1. Movant’s motion for confidential protection is granted. 2. The materials for which Movant seeks confidential treatment shall not be placed in the public record nor made available for public inspection until further order of the Commission. 3. Use of the materials in question in this proceeding shall be in compliance with 807 KAR 5:001, Section 13(9). 4. Movant shall inform the Commission if the materials in question become publicly available or no longer qualify for confidential treatment. 5. If a non-party to this proceeding requests to inspect materials granted confidential treatment by this Order, the Movant shall have 20 days from receipt of written notice of the request to demonstrate that the materials still fall within the exclusions from disclosure requirements established in KRS 61 “878. If Movant is unable to make such demonstration, the requested materials shall be made available for inspection.

8/7/2012 10:23:09 AM

Order Entered: The June 29, 2012 Order is amended to the limited extent that the Appendix thereto is stricken and superseded by the Appendix to this Order. 2. All other provisions of the June 29, 2012 Order shall remain in full force and effect.

6/29/2012 3:50:13 PM

Final Order Entered: (1) Duke's proposed residential & commercial & industrial DSM surcharge factors contained in its March 6, 2012 application are denied. (2) Duke's revised proposed DSM surcharge factors in its April 27, 2012 response are approved for service rendered on & after July 1, 2012. (3) Duke’s request to include live, theatrical production category employing the National Theatre for Children as part of the Energy Efficiency Education Program for Schools program is approved as a pilot program for three academic years. Duke shall file on August 15 following the end of each academic year a process evaluation status report. (4) Duke’s request that Commission approve a limited automatic approval process for pilot program programs is approved with parameters. (5) Duke's request to add three new residential programs is approved. (6) Duke's request to modify & enhance existing DSM portfolio of programs is approved. (7) PSC encourages Duke to continue evaluating programs for inclusion in DSM portfolio. (8) Once third-party vendor selected, Commission shall be notified and provided copy of signed contract within 20 days. (9) Within 10 days, Duke shall file its revised DSM tariffs.

6/29/2012 3:13:21 PM

Order Entered: Duke Kentucky's motion for leave to file, instanter, its reply comments is granted.

6/22/2012 2:28:27 PM

Memorandum to include additional information


Duke Energy Motion for Leave to File Instanter and Reply Comments


Attorney General's Comments


Duke Energy Response to Commission Staffs 2nd Set of DR with Confidential Petition


Duke Energy's Supplemental Response to Staff-DR-01-021 with Confidential Petition

5/7/2012 3:04:42 PM

Commission Staff's Second Information Request to Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc.


Duke Energy's Response to Commission Staff's 1st Set of DR with Confidential Petition

4/13/2012 2:49:30 PM

Commission Staff's First Request for Information to Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc.


Duke Energy's Affidavits and Proofs of Publication

4/2/2012 2:08:35 PM

Order Entered The procedural schedule set forth in the Appendix attached hereto and incorporated herein shall be followed. Responses to requests for information shall be appropriately bound, tabbed, and indexed and shall include the name of the witness responsible for responding to the questions related to the information provided, with copies to all parties of record and six copies to the Commission. Each response shall be under oath or, for representatives of a public or private corporation or a partnership or an association or a governmental agency, be accompanied by a signed certification of the preparer or person supervising the preparation of the response on behalf of the entity that the response is true and accurate to the best of that person’s knowledge, information, and belief formed after a reasonable inquiry. For any request to which a party fails or refuses to furnish all or part of the requested information, that party shall provide a written explanation of the specific grounds for its failure to completely and precisely respond. Any party filing testimony shall file an original and six copies. At any public hearing in this matter, neither opening statements nor summarization of direct testimony shall be permitted.. The Commission does not look favorably upon motions for continuance. Consequently, motions for extensions of time with respect to the schedule herein shall be made in writing and will be granted only upon a showing of good cause

3/20/2012 3:07:27 PM

Order Entered: that the motion is granted, and the Attorney General is hereby made a party to these proceedings.


Attorney General's Motion to Intervene

3/6/2012 2:59:02 PM

Acknowledge Receipt of Filing


Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc.'s Application for an Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Mechanism and for Approval of Additional Programs for Inclusion in its Existing Portfolio