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Case Number:2011-00186
Service Type:Water
Filing Date:4/29/2011

Mountain Water District

Case Nature:

Mountain Water District & Elkhorn City

Case Filings
1/24/2012 10:48:19 AM

Order Entered: (1) Mountain Water District's motion to withdraw is granted. (2) This case is closed and removed from the Commission's docket.

1/23/2012 11:44:25 AM

Letter to Daniel Stratton entering e-mailed documents into the record

1/12/2012 9:52:59 AM

Commission Staff's Request for Information to Mountain Water District


MWD's Response to 053111 Letter RE: Contract with Elkhorn City

5/31/2011 2:40:55 PM

Order Entered: (1) This proceeding is established to investigate the reasonableness of the proposed contract and rate revisions. (2) The proposed rates for wholesale water service to Elkhorn City are suspended for five months from June 1, 2011, up to and including October 31, 2011. (3) Mountain Water District shall file no later than June 13, 2011 the original and 10 copies of the information identified in the Appendix to this Order. Mountain Water District shall include with each response the name of the witness who will be responsible for responding to questions relating to the information provided. Mountain Water District shall give careful attention to copied material to ensure legibility. (4) Each response shall be answered under oath or be accompanied by a signed certification. (5). Mountain Water District shall make timely amendment to any prior response if it obtains information which indicates that the response was incorrect when made or, though correct when made, is now incorrect in any material respect. For any request to which Mountain Water District fails or refuses to furnish all or part of the requested information, Mountain Water District shall provide a written explanation of the specific grounds for its failure to completely and precisely respond.


Mountain Water District's Wholesale Water Purchase Contract with City of Elkhorn