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Case Number:2011-00153
Service Type:Telephone
Filing Date:4/29/2011

Windstream Kentucky West, LLC

Case Nature:

NANPA NXX Code Assignment (Shepherdsville Rate Center)

Case Filings

Order Entered: 1. Windstream’s Petition regarding the NANPA’s denial of its application for assignment of additional numbering resources in the 502 Numbering Plan Area is granted. 2. The decision of the NANPA denying Windstream’s request for assignment of a single thousand’s block of numbers in the Shepherdsville rate center is hereby overturned. 3. The NANPA shall assign Windstream a one thousand block of available numbers in the Shepherdsville rate center. Specifically, the thousand block assigned shall be either the 3, 7, 8, or 9 thousand block of the 215 NXX (502-215-3, 7, 8, or SXXX), or the 6, 7, or 8 thousand block of the 921 NXX (502-921-6, 7, or SXXX) in the Shepherdsville rate center. 4. The numbering resources considered in this Order are to be assigned for the sole use of serving Windstream’s need to implement its new Metaswitch in the Shepherdsville rate center. If the numbering resources requested by Windstream are not needed to meet its service requirements, the associated numbering resources approved in this Order shall be returned to the NANPA.


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Windstream Kentucky West, LLC's Petition for Commission Review and Reversal of a Decision of the NANPA with Respect to Numbering Resources in the 502 Area Code and Request for Expedited Treatment