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Case Number:2011-00059
Service Type:Telephone
Filing Date:2/18/2011

Cincinnati Bell Wireless, LLC

Case Nature:

Designation as Nonrural ETC

Case Filings

Order Entered: 1. CBW is designated as an ETC for the exchanges of the Non-rural Telephone Company identified in the Appendix to this Order. 2. During the current certification period, CBW shall be eligible to receive Federal and State Universal Service Fund support for as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier, 3. CBW shall offer low-income universal support services to consumers in its service area. 4. CBW shall offer these services using its own facilities or a combination of its own facilities and resale of another carrier’s services, including the services offered by another ETC. 5. Pursuant to 47 C.F.R. § 54.201(i), CBW shall be precluded from offering universal service support exclusively through the resale of another carrier‘s services. 6. CBW shall advertise the availability of and charges for these services using media of general distribution. 7. CBW must comply with the Commission’s annual certification process for Lifeline customers in accordance with the requirements of Administrative Case No. 360.” A copy of this Order shall be served upon the FCC and the Universal Service Administrative Company.


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Cincinnati Bell Wireless LLC's petition for designation as a nonrural eligible telecommunications carrier for the limited purpose of offering lifeline service to qualified households