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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledStatus
East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. TFS2022-00227 Tariff:     East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. ("EKPC") revised tariffs for the following Demand Side Management ("DSM") Programs: DSM 4a-Button-up Weatherization Program and DSM 10 - CARES (Community Assistance Resources for Energy Savings Program).

Cover_Letter_-_2022_DSM_Tariff_Filing_-_04-22-2022.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Exhibit_B_-_Marked-Up_Copies_of_Proposed_DSM_Tariffs_-_04-22-2022.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Exhibit_C_-_DSM_Program_Changes_Summary_-_04-22-2022.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Exhibit_D_-_EKPC_2021_DSM_Annual_Report_-_04-22-2022.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Exhibit_E_-_Member_System_Notice_-_04-22-2022.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Exhibit_F_-_EKPC_Sustainability_Collaborative_2021_Meetings_-_04-22-2022.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Exhibit_A_-_Proposed_DSM_Tariffs_-_04-22-2022_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
Exhibit_A_-_Proposed_DSM_Tariffs_-_04-22-2022.pdf TariffReplaced
CommissionLetter.pdf Letter of AcceptanceCommission Letter

4/22/2022 Effective as of: 5/22/2022