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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledProposed Effective Date
AFNET, LLC TFS2023-00138 Tariff:     Notice of Authority to Provide Commerical Mobile Radio Service in Kentucky

AFNET,_LLC_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
AFNET,_LLC_InfoSheet.pdf TariffOriginal
AFNET,_LLC_Certificate-Of-Authority.pdf Support DocumentOriginal

3/21/2023 3/20/2023
AXO Communications, LLC TFS2023-00032 Tariff:     Request to provide CLEC service in the state of Kentucky.

AXO_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
AXO_Support.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
AXO_Information_Form.pdf TariffOriginal

1/23/2023 1/20/2023
AXO Communications, LLC TFS2023-00096 Tariff:     AXO Communications, LLC PSC KY Tariff No. 1

AXO-Local-Tariff_KY-021323.pdf TariffOriginal

2/17/2023 3/20/2023
Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. TFS2023-00047 Tariff:     Updates General Subscriber Services Tariff to comply with Commission Order.

Ballard_Pole_2022-00107.pdf TariffOriginal
Ballard_Cover_letter_2022-00107.pdf Cover LetterOriginal

1/26/2023 12/28/2022
Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. TFS2023-00089 Tariff:     Removes outdated language

Ballard_Cover_letter_Section_W.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Ballard_Section_W.pdf TariffOriginal

2/7/2023 2/9/2023
BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC dba AT&T Kentucky and AT&T Southeast TFS2023-00036 Tariff:     Rate Reduction Necessitating Request for 1-day Notice Subsequent to Commission Order dtd. 12/28/22--In the matter of: Electronic Investigation of the Proposed Pole Attachment Tariffs of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, Case No. 2022-00108

KY-Rate_Reduction-Request_for_1-day_Notice_.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY-23-BST-0009.pdf TariffOriginal

1/24/2023 1/1/2023
BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC dba AT&T Kentucky and AT&T Southeast TFS2023-00091 Tariff:     This filing decreases the Pole Attachment and Conduit Occupancy rates.

KY_Pole_Attachments_and_Conduit_Occupancy_Rate_Decreases_Cover_Letter_020823.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY-23-BST-0009.PDF TariffOriginal
Bellsouth_91_Correspondence.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
2017-Data-KY.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
2023-Data-KY.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
Copy_of_2023_Pole-Conduit_Rates_-_KY-P.xls Support DocumentAmendment
Copy_of_Pole-Conduit_Rates_-_KY_-_IRD-P.xls Support DocumentAmendment

2/8/2023 2/9/2023
Big Rivers Electric Corporation TFS2023-00066 Tariff:     Big Rivers Pole Attachment Tariff, replacing the CATV tariff, and modified Table of Content and Definitions tariff sheets

Read1st_-_BR_Pole_Attachment_Tariff.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Big_Rivers_Pole_Attachment_Tariff.pdf TariffOriginal

1/27/2023 12/28/2022
Big Rivers Electric Corporation TFS2023-00124 Tariff:     Big Rivers Proposed QF Tariff, Replacing Its Existing QFS and QFP Tariffs

Read1st_Cover_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Big_Rivers_Proposed_QF_Tariff-_RDL.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Big_Rivers_Proposed_QF_Tariff-CLN.pdf TariffOriginal
Direct_Testimony_of_John_Wolfram.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Proof_of_Notice.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Big_Rivers_124_3-14_Staff_Request.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
Big_Rivers_124_Response_to_3-14_Staff_Request.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
FERC_Order.pdf Support DocumentAmendment

3/1/2023 4/1/2023
Blue Grass Energy Cooperative Corp. TFS2023-00061 Tariff:     Modified Pole Attachment Tariffs pursuant to Order on December 28, 2022 in KY PSC Case No. 2022-00106

Read_1st_Cover_Letter_Pole_Attachment_Filing_Blue_Grass_Energy_12282022_Order.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
New_Pole_Attachment_Tariffs_Blue_Grass_Energy_12282022_Order_Clean.pdf TariffOriginal
New_Pole_Attachment_Tariffs_Blue_Grass_Energy_12282022_Order_Redline.pdf Support DocumentOriginal

1/27/2023 12/28/2022