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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledProposed Effective Date
Big River Telephone Company, LLC TFS2021-00334 Switch Access Tariff:     In accordance with FCC Ruling 20-143 regarding 8YY Access Charge Reform, Big River Telephone Company, LLC submits our proposed tariff filing which reflects the updated rates to be in compliance with the ruling.

KY_Letter_to_Regulatory_Authority.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Revised_KYTariffNo3_2018.pdf TariffOriginal

7/30/2021 9/1/2021
Big Rivers Electric Corporation TFS2021-00364 Contract:     Filing of Power Purchase and Interconnection Agreement among Big Rivers Electric Corporation, Kenergy Corp., and Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.

Read1st_Letter_-_Southern_Star_Contract.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Power_Purchase_and_Interconnection_Agreement.pdf ContractOriginal

8/25/2021 9/24/2021
Bluegrass Water Utility Operating Company, LLC TFS2021-00351 Tariff:     Water Tariff - revisions to reflect rates ordered and approved by the 8-2-21 final order. Rates as per Order in Case No. 2020-00290.

2021-08-16_cvr_ltr-Water_Tariff_revisions.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Water_Tariff-ordered_revisions.pdf TariffOriginal

8/16/2021 8/1/2021
Bluegrass Water Utility Operating Company, LLC TFS2021-00362 Tariff:     Revised sewer tariff sheets per 8/2/21 Order.

2021-08-23_cvr_ltr-Sewer_Tariff_revisions.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Sewer_Tariff-ordered_revisions.pdf TariffOriginal

8/23/2021 8/1/2021
Clear Live, LLC TFS2021-00268 Tariff:     Request to provide fixed VoIP service in Kentucky

Clear_Live_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Clear_Live_Support.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Clear_Live_Information_Form.pdf TariffAmendment

6/29/2021 6/22/2021
Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc. TFS2020-00402 Franchise Agreements:     Executed Franchise Agreement

letter_-_file_franchise_agreement.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Franchise_Agreement_executed.pdf ContractOriginal

8/14/2020 7/1/2020
Corinth Water District TFS2021-00367 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2021-00232. (PWA)

Corinth_367_Tariff_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
Corinth_Tariff_Rates.pdf TariffReplaced

8/27/2021 5/30/2021
Cumberland Valley Electric, Inc. TFS2021-00375 Tariff:     Cumberland Valley Electric filing a New Large Power Rate-Industrial Schedule V-B, and a New Interruptible Service Rider.

CVE_Cover_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
CVE_New_Tariff_Industrial_V-B.pdf TariffOriginal
CVE_New_Interruptible_Rider.pdf TariffOriginal

9/8/2021 10/9/2021
Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. TFS2021-00382 Tariff:     Pipe Replacement Program charges. Rates as per Order on 8/5 in Case No. 2021-00098.

PRP_Filing_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
PRP_Filing__9_22_21.pdf TariffOriginal

9/22/2021 8/1/2021
Dialog Telecommunications, Inc. TFS2021-00352 Tariff:     Request to withdraw Tariff No. 4.

Dialog_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal

8/17/2021 8/17/2021