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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledProposed Effective Date
Atmos Energy Corporation TFS2022-00526 Tariff:     KY DSM Filing

Read1st.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Final_PSC_2_Sheet_No_36_2022.10.27.pdf TariffOriginal
2022_DSM_Balancing_Adjustment_With_Interest_PSC.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
2022_DSM_Balancing_Adjustment_With_Interest_PSC_Copy.xlsx Support DocumentOriginal

10/27/2022 1/1/2023
Barkley Lake Water District TFS2022-00491 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2021-00454. (ARF)

BLWD_Tariff_Form-2_Rates.pdf TariffOriginal

10/3/2022 10/3/2022
Beech Grove Water System, Inc. TFS2022-00504 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2022-00054. (ARF)

BGWSI_Read_First_Revised_Tariff_Sheets.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Tariff_Monthly_Water_Rates.pdf TariffOriginal
Tariff_Nonrecurring_Water_Charges.pdf TariffOriginal
Tariff_Connection_Fee_Schedule.pdf TariffOriginal

10/13/2022 8/27/2022
Beech Grove Water System, Inc. TFS2022-00560 Tariff:     Updated Tariff per Order in Case No, 2022-00054 (ARF)

Read_First_Corrected_Tariff_Sheet.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Tariff_Nonrecurring_Water_Charges_CORRECTED.pdf TariffOriginal
Tariff_Monthly_Water_Rates_CORRECTED3.pdf TariffAmendment
Tariff_Monthly_Water_Rates_CORRECTED1.pdf TariffReplaced
Tariff_Monthly_Water_Rates_CORRECTED2.pdf TariffReplaced

11/21/2022 8/27/2022
Big Sandy Water District TFS2022-00492 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2022-00044. (ARF)

Cover_letter_Tariff_Filing.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Big_Sandy_492_Rates_and_NRC_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
Big_Sandy_492_Surcharge_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
BigSandyWaterDistrict_RevisedTariff.pdf TariffReplaced
BigSandyWaterDistrict_RevisedTariff.pdf TariffReplaced

10/3/2022 10/31/2022
Bronston Water Association, Inc. TFS2022-00521 Tariff:     Rates & Nonrecurring Charges per Order in Case No. 2022-00117 (ARF)

BWA_Read_First_Tariff_Update.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
BWA_Tariff_Monthly_Water_Rates.pdf TariffOriginal
BWA_Tariff_Nonrecurring_Charges.pdf TariffOriginal
BWA_Read_First_Tariff_Additional_Sheets.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
BWA_Tariff_Page_15.pdf TariffOriginal
BWA_Tariff_Page_16.pdf TariffOriginal

10/24/2022 10/12/2022
BullsEye Telecom, Inc. TFS2022-00563 Tariff:     Local tariff revision to revise Lifeline surcharge rate in compliance with Commission Order.

readfirst_KYl2201_BullsEye.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY_TRF_BullsEye_2022_1123_Lifeline.pdf TariffOriginal

11/23/2022 11/23/2022
Cawood Water District TFS2022-00547 Tariff:     Proposed Tap-On Charge Increase due to New Service

Cawood_NRC_Meter_Tap_Fee_Update.pdf TariffOriginal
Cawood_Legal_Notice.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Cawood_Cost_Justification.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Cawood_Cover_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal

11/11/2022 12/12/2022
Christian County Water District TFS2022-00566 Tariff:     Updated billing cards and termination notices - Updated Version of TFS2022-00474

Cover_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Christian_County_Tariff__1_Sheet0001.pdf TariffOriginal
Christian_County_Tariff__2_Sheet0001.pdf TariffOriginal
Bill_Front__Back.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Cut_Off_Notice.pdf Support DocumentOriginal

11/29/2022 1/2/2023
Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC dba altafiber Network Solutions TFS2022-00396 Tariff:     Pursuant to the notification that Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC made with the Commission on June 10, 2022 regarding its new DBA, this filing is being made to revise the cover pages of Cincinnati Bell’s tariffs that are on file with the Kentucky Pub

KY_Cover_letter_for_Tariff_Page_updates.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY_Tariff_Pages.pdf TariffOriginal

8/1/2022 8/1/2022