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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledProposed Effective Date
Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. TFS2023-00047 Tariff:     Updates General Subscriber Services Tariff to comply with Commission Order.

Ballard_Pole_2022-00107.pdf TariffOriginal
Ballard_Cover_letter_2022-00107.pdf Cover LetterOriginal

1/26/2023 12/28/2022
Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. TFS2023-00089 Tariff:     Removes outdated language

Ballard_Cover_letter_Section_W.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Ballard_Section_W.pdf TariffOriginal

2/7/2023 2/9/2023
Bath County Water District TFS2023-00386 Tariff:     Rates & Charges per Order in Case No. 2022-00404 (ARF)

BathCountyWD_Revised_Tariff_Pages.pdf TariffAmendment
Tariff_Sheet_-_Nonrecurring_charges.pdf TariffReplaced
Tariff_Sheet_-_Rates.pdf TariffReplaced

8/29/2023 8/10/2023
Bluegrass Gas Sales, Inc. TFS2023-00253 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2021-00483. (ARF)

BGS_Tariff_Case_2021-0483_-_New_Rates.pdf TariffOriginal
BGS_Tariff_Case_2021-0483_-_Spec_Charges.pdf TariffOriginal

5/18/2023 5/5/2023
Bluegrass Gas Sales, Inc. TFS2023-00416 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2023-00290. (PGA)

Bluegrass_Gas_416_Tariff.pdf TariffOriginal

9/25/2023 10/1/2023
Brandenburg Telecom, LLC TFS2023-00409 Tariff:     Kentucky Lifeline Surcharge Increase

Read_First_LLCLifelinesurchargecover92223.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
LLCLifelinesurchargeTariff.pdf TariffOriginal

9/22/2023 9/19/2023
Brandenburg Telephone Company, Inc. TFS2023-00408 Tariff:     Kentucky Lifeline Surcharge Increase

Read_First_Lifelinesurchargecover92223.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
P2-sh155H.pdf TariffOriginal

9/22/2023 9/19/2023
Buffalo Trail Water Association, Inc. TFS2023-00132 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2023-00026. (PWA)

2023TariffRates.pdf TariffOriginal

3/15/2023 1/15/2023
Bullock Pen Water District TFS2023-00344 Tariff:     Revised Tariff per Order in Case No. 2022-00378 (ARF)

BPWD.READ1ST.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Bullock_Pen_Tariff_Revised.pdf TariffAmendment
BPWD.TARIFFFORM.1.pdf TariffReplaced
BPWD.TARIFFFORM.2.pdf TariffReplaced

7/25/2023 9/11/2023
BullsEye Telecom, Inc. TFS2023-00404 Tariff:     Notice of Consummation and Request for Cancelation

Bullseye_Telecom,_Inc._Notice_of_Consummation_and_Request_for_Cancelation.pdf Cover LetterOriginal

9/20/2023 7/1/2023