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Archived information. This survey was completed 2009.

For ten years or longer, the Public Service Commission has offered utilities the option of filing its annual reports electronically. Since 2005 utilities could submit their reports through the Commission’s secured website. The electronic filing program allowed utilities to enter their financial information over an extended period of time and then check their

The Commission believes that its electronic filing system offers an efficient and effective means to assemble, submit, compile and review annual financial reports and that it has increased the accuracy of such reports and reduced the cost of their compilation in both time and money. The Commission has initiated a review of the electronic filing system to identify problem areas and possible improvements in that system and revisions in the filing requirements for annual financial reports. It is the Commission’s goal that by 2011 all annual reports and reports of gross operating revenues will be submitted electronically and that, except in extraordinary cases, the submission of these reports in paper format will no longer be permitted.

As part of this review, the Commission is conducting a survey of all jurisdictional utilities. It requests that your utility complete the on-line survey no later than November 16, 2009. If you are unable
The results of this survey will be used to gauge the willingness and ability of utilities to file their annual financial reports electronically and the challenges that electronic filing poses for them. This survey is also intended to identify problems with the existing filing system and to solicit your comments and suggestions for improving that system and the filing process in general. The survey results will be made available to all utilities and to the general public.

The Commission strongly encourages your utility to complete the survey and provide us with your suggestions for improving the system.
Any questions regarding the survey or the Commission’s review of the electronic filing system should be addressed to the Executive Advisor.