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Closed Filings
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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledStatus
South Kentucky R.E.C.C. TFS2017-00417 Tariff:     Additional LED Outdoor Lighting options for Schedule DSTL OL tariffs.

South_Ky_Cover_Letter_Adding_LED_Lighting_(Directional__Area).pdf Cover LetterOriginal
South_Ky_Narrative_for_LED_Lights_(Directional_Flood__Area).pdf Support DocumentOriginal
South_KY_417_Response_to_Staff_Request.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
South_KY_417_DSTL_LED_Lighting_Markup_8-2017_Restated.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
South_KY_417_OL_LED_Lighting_Markup_8-2017_Restated.pdf Support DocumentAmendment
South_KY_417_DSTL_LED_Lighting_8-2017_Restated.pdf TariffAmendment
South_KY_417_OL__LED_Lighting_8-2017_Restated.pdf TariffAmendment
Schedule_DSTL_LED_Lighting_Tariff_Markup.pdf Support DocumentReplaced
Schedule_OL_LED_lighting_Tariff_Markup.pdf Support DocumentReplaced
Schedule_DSTL_LED_Lighting_Tariff.pdf TariffReplaced
Schedule_OL_LED_lighting_Tariff.pdf TariffReplaced
CommissionLetter.pdf Letter of AcceptanceCommission Letter

8/1/2017 Effective as of: 9/1/2017
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