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View Case Filings for: 2017-00047

Case Number:2017-00047
Service Type:Radio - Telephone
Filing Date:4/4/2017

East Kentucky Network, LLC dba Appalachian Wireless

Case Nature:

Baptist Fork Site: located near 5632 Campton Baptist Road, Campton, Kentucky, 41301

Case Filings

Final Order Entered: 1. Appalachian Wireless is granted a CPCN to construct a wireless telecommunications facility. The proposed facility consists of a tower not to exceed 310 feet in height, with attached antennas, to be located near 5634 Campton Baptist Road, Campton, Wolfe County, Kentucky. The coordinates for the proposed facility are North Latitude 37°44'03.9522" by West Longitude 83°28'09.2560". 2. Appalachian Wireless shall immediately notify the Commission in writing if, after the antenna tower is built and utility service is commenced, the tower is not used for a period of three months in the manner authorized by this Order. 3. Documents filed, if any, in the future pursuant to ordering paragraph 2 herein shall reference this case number and shall be retained in the utility's general correspondence file.



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East Kentucky Network, LLC dba Appalachian Wireless Application for Issuance of a CPC&N to Construct a Tower In Wolfe County, Kentucky

East Kentucky Network, LLC dba Appalachian Wireless Application