COVID-19 State of Emergency Alert -The Kentucky Public Service is closed to the public until further notice. The PSC will conduct all business via electronic means. please see the PSC order here:

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Public Comments accepted during Virtual Public Meetings

for LG&E/KU Rate Cases, 2020-00350 & 2020-00349

The Kentucky Public Service Commission will conduct three virtual public meetings to provide information on and receive public comments regarding LG&E/KU Rate Cases. 2020-00350 & 2020-00349. Each session will begin with a brief overview from PSC staff on the key elements in the case followed by public comments.

All times are Eastern Time.

Anyone wishing to speak: Please email to be placed on the list of speakers. Please specify which of the three scheduled public meetings you wish to speak, and include your name, address, phone and email address.

Those on the list to speak will receive a GoToMeeting link:

Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts

If not already familiar with GoTo Meeting here are some instructional videos

GoToMeeting - Attendee Quick Start
GoToMeeting - How to Join a Meeting

General Rules for Speakers:

Public Meetings will broadcast live for all to attend/view:

The meeting will stream live on the Commission's YouTube Channel posted on our website the day of the meeting.

All recordings of public meetings are made available on the PSC YouTube page approximately 48 hours after the event.

All filings related to case 2020-00350 & 2020-00349, can be found here:,

Phone comments prior to hearing

At the onset of the formal hearing, April 26, there will be an additional chance for those wishing to provide comments, by phone. The special phone line will be made available the day of the hearing.

Written comments are accepted by email

You may submit written comments by email to the Public Information Officer Include the case number: 2020-00350 (LG&E) or 2020-00349 (KU) and provide your full name and place of residence in the body of the e-mail.

NOTE Case-related comments submitted online or by other means become a part of the official case record. All documents within a case record are publicly available online. Case-related comments submitted after a case has closed do not become a part of the official case record.